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Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Best Aneros Session Yet!

Ok, so last night I am using 1 of my 3 models of the Aneros prostate Massager, the progasm. I went about my usual routine: get naked, relax, lube it up and inset; I then relax for 15-20m without doing anything except maybe watch porn, surf the net for porn or read erotica. I have been using these toys for about 18mos and my experiences have been nothing short of amazing. I have not been lucky enough to experience a "Super O", but the "mini o's" are just as nice.

So, back to my midnight self-sexscapade. My horniness level was off the charts and from the second I inserted it, I was losing my mind with pleasure. The "mini o's" happened quickly (the best way to describe this feeling is to imagine your whole body with the sensations of goosebumps, and right where your pubic bone lies you feel the most intense pleasure coming from the prostate, and as you are contracting your anal muscle your prostate sends waves after waves of these sensations throughout you body-Absolute Bliss!

These "mini o" sensations continued for about a good 30 minutes; then all of a sudden my whole body started convulsing, shaking and coupled with the "mini o" vibes, I was heading into uncharted territory. I have not been to this level yet, and if this is a the next step in the quest for the holy grail of orgasms then all I can say is, 'I am scared of the big one....LOL"!  This combination of sensual-effects went on for a solid 5 minutes straight.

I became so aroused that I could not relax anymore and I lost my orgasmic state. I tried relaxing and breathing deeply, but all was lost. It is OK, because I reached a new level and broke a plateau -even thought this level has been so enjoyable by itself. I resorted to leaving in the aneros and using my
Fleshlight to finish myself off. This was absolutely amazing!

To all the guys out there they may be readin
g this. If anal play freaks you out because you may feel "gay", you have no idea what you are missing, and I feel sad that you are depriving yourself of this pleasure. If you still decide not to try this, then at least look at buying a fleshlight masturbator...THERE IS NOTHING GAY ABOUT THIS.....LOL! It truly comes close to feeling like the real thing. If you suffer from premature ejaculation, want better control or just a good fuck toy, then buy this, you will thank me.

Ciao for now,


Flipper said...

You're a lucky guy who knows how to enjoy life.
I love your blog and added it to my blogroll. Hope you would like to link back :)

marcelloNYC said...

Thank you!

I just linked to your blog.....WOW!

That is my favorite site of the moment!!

Keep up the good work, and don't be a stranger.