The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
                        - Marcel Proust

Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Morning Wood

I read somewhere that it takes six weeks to formulate a new habit.... 2 down and 4 to go.

So, Wendy and I were chatting last night, and our conversation lingered into my dreams filling them with naughty thoughts of deviant pleasures; her last blog post didn't help either - it added fuel to the fire.

 This week's wood is dedicated to her sexy story.



Wednesday, April 30, 2008

hApPy hAlF-nEkKiD tHuRSdAy


"nAkeD iN tHe sTuDiO"

My sanctuary is the recording studio in my apartment where I spend countless hours working on music. So, what better way to do it than nekkid.

This is another big part of who I am that I am sharing with you. 

Music is my life...
as well as sex-blogging, chiropractic and cooking. 

luv ya,

Few Lines from my favorite song in the world
Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel -Taverres

Heaven must be missin' an angel
Missin' one angel, child, 'cause you're here with me right now
Your love is heavenly, baby
Heavenly to me, baby

Your kiss with tenderness
I want all I can get of your sexiness
Showers, your love comes in showers
And every hour of the hour
You let me feel your loving power

Monday, April 28, 2008

My Weekend Recap

That is a picture of my dog, Bailey that passed on in August -I missed him a lot this weekend.

Friday night I cooked a lovely dinner for Amanda and Desire. We ate, drank and learned so much about each other. One of the cutets things I have ever seen - is Desire's room. Their apartment is decorated very nice, and Amanda's room follows the Ikea theme from the main rooms, but Desire's room is like stepping into a 15 year old girls bedroom. Posters of Eros Ramozzoti, Shakiri, and I'm not kidding - Menudo, there is stuffed animals everywhere. It's adorable!  The night ended late with Amanda and I making out like horny teenagers on the couch for like 45 minutes. She asked me if I would be upset if we didn't have sex. I said,  "of course not, but why?" Her reply, "I like our friendship a lot, and boy do I love the sex, but I don't want that to overshadow getting to know each other better."  Very sweet and true!

Saturday started off with lunch at my parents. They agreed to help me out with a small business loan. For reasons I can not recall, the question was presented to me by my dad - Are you Gay? Nervousness took over and I started giggling uncontrollably and blushing. My dad kept saying, "see he is, I knew's ok your my son." I freaked out! I reached deep and was about to tell him, "I'm bisexual", but my mom changed the subject and told my dad to stop. I lost a golden opportunity and it bothered me all day. Maybe the time wasn't right; I don't know.  

My Saturday night plans were cancelled, and instead of making new ones, I stayed in, played with the Rude Boy, wrote my review for Babeland, read some dirty books and shopped for some new music.  I made a new friend online - a fellow foodie, sexblogger and all around cool person - Babecakes. I also emailed and spoke with Wendy Blackheart - awesome girl and can not wait to meet her tonight at the Pleasure Salon.  

Sunday, I ate dinner with parents then went on a date with ambi-bi-guy, Rob. We met for a few drinks and talked a lot about our past. He read my whole blog and asked me about a few of things I wrote about. I answered all his questions and concerns. We parted with a nice kiss - he has sexy lips -OMG! we are hoping to get together before I leave Monday for Vacation.

So, I had an all around fun weekend, and I hope yours was also.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sex Toy Review of The Rude Boy For Babeland

Websters dictionary defines rude as, lacking refinement or delicacy; uncivilized, savage, vulga, robust, sturdy, occurring abruptly and disconcertingly. The Rude Boy is all of those, but only in the best way possible. He is my new best friend - I'm not joking!!!

I have been engaging in anal play for probably the larger part of my life, and in my quest for the "Holy Grail Of Orgasms", I have come across many products; some that work very well and others that don't. Most prostate massagers have a meet and greet period - "Hello prostate meet 'X' toy", then relax for 15min, breathe, concentrate and get to know each other.

Well, let me tell you this. The Rude Boy entered my home, then my ass, made himself very comfortable with no introductions, and went straight to work. The p-waves started coming quickly, faster and more intense.

For those of you unfamiliar with prostate terms, at the end of this review is a crash course by me.

Back to my experience. After a few minutes I began stimulating my nipples and then - blast off. My whole body began convulsing, and the p-waves were traveling from my scalp to my toes. I screamed, and loud - "OMG, holy shit". This Super O was the best I have ever experienced, and I owe it all to Babeland and The Rude Boy. This orgasm lasted for about 20 minutes and ended in hands-free ejaculation.

OK! Onto the product details. What do I feel makes the Rude Boy standout above the other p-spot massagers I have used. It's flexible design is perfect. Although we like to think that we're all created the same, we aren't, and each person's anatomy has subtle differences - the giving design of the Rude Boy helps with that hurdle. Also, the bendable design and soft silicone sheath will allow you to use it in a seated position if you prefer, with no discomfort. Very, very important.

The size of the perineum attachment is rather wide, which is great because it allows the toy to encompass a large enough area, so if you are slightly off from where you should be, it is ok. On top of that it vibrates. The RO-80mm vibrating bullet just plain and simple rocks. It is quiet enough, variable speed and simply perfect.

Lastly, The Rude Boy just happens to be 100% waterproof so you can take your new friend in the tub and make your rubber ducky jealous. I have not used it in an aquatic situation yet, but when I do I promise to share the experience with you.

In conclusion, The Rude Boy is a 5 Star toy -"absolute perfection." It is definitely not a beginners toy, but if you are daring enough, I feel first time users could with patience make quicker progress with this toy over some of the other "beginner" massagers. As with all toys, make sure to clean first with soapy warm water before and after use. Always use a water based lubricant, be safe and have fun.

My Advice take it or leave it!

A lot of people give up quickly when it comes to prostate massagers because they are expecting a mind blowing experience the first time they use one. Is that possible? Yes, but very rare. It took me a few times to get acquainted with my first toy, but it was well worth the journey. For those whom engage in anal play already, but have not actually tried to orgasm in this manner, need to realize, like I did, that this is different. It will pay off with patience, I promise. With that promise comes this - I feel since I am reviewing and lovingly endorsing this product for Babeland, and as your sex-toy reviewer it is my responsibility and my pleasure to answer any questions you may have about this product, it's use, concerns, or advice on how to bring the use of this toy or type of play up with your partner. Whatever the question, email me and I will respond as soon as possible.

I am also going to try and post some pics of the toy in use. It was my intention to do that last night, but I was swept off my feet so quickly and rudely - LOL, that I did not have a chance.

love ya,

Marcello's Crash Course On Prostate Terminology 101

P- Wave - Can be described as goosebumps and tingles that are felt at the pubic bone, perineum and inside the anal cavity. As these pleasure waves become more intense they will begin to be felt throughout the whole body. This is the first sign that you are on the right track.

Super O - This is the "Holy Grail of Orgasms" - Whole body involuntary contractions and multiple hands free orgasms. This does not mean that you have to ejaculate, but at some point you most likely will.

Milking - Simply put - manual/mechanical stimulation of the prostate to produce a hands free orgasm with tons, repeat tons of ejaculate and prostatic fluid.

Perineum - The strip between the anal opening and the scrotum. I like to call it the ABC - Ass-Ball Connector.

Sweet Spot - This is a specific point on the perineum that the abutment tab of prostate massagers press on and stimulate. It takes practice, but I found a nice way to find this area is to lie down on your back, soles of feet touching and begin masturbating. Reach under your testicles and rub/press on your perineum in various places, until you eventually hit a spot that is very pleasurable to the touch. This is your sweet spot. Men, let me tell you this, once you find this spot your sex life will never be the same again. It equates to the area outside of the prostate. I can make my self orgasm just by using an hitachi wand on it, but this take practice "Young Luke"...LOL.

K-Tab - Some toys have a Kundalini attachment that presses on a spot above the anal opening towards the base of the spine. This sends pleasurable waves through out the body, and is also rooted in tantric practices.

Awakening of the prostate - After continued practice you may become more aware of your prostate, and you may experience p-waves randomly from time to time.

Rules of Prostate Massage: 1. Make sure your rectum is completely empty. 2. Use plenty of lube. If you think you used enough - use more; it helps make the toy mobile. 3. Relax, Breathe, Concentrate 4. Always buy from Babeland by clicking below.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Ambiguously Bi Guy Update: The Verdict's In!

We met for coffee and started chatting. The conversation was moving in many different directions, so I asked him if he was seeing anyone, and he replied, "I am bisexual, but I just ended a 5year relationship with a guy that I have known for almost 10 years; we are still close friends, and there is no bad blood. And You?" 

I am single, bisexual, actually prefer pansexual and I am enjoying dating, single life and sexblogging. 


"Yeah, it has been an amazing few months opening up my life for everyone to peek in and read, comment (good or bad) and I have made some great friends."

Then I told him about "ambiguously bi guy" and he lost it in laughter. Then I showed him my blog, he read the steam room story and said - "WOW!"

His response was, "I saw you in the gym a few times prior to that spin class, but I did not have the nerve to come over and start up a conversation. I hate spin class and joined because you were in it." 

His cheeks became rosy red - he was blushing. I love it! I blush very easy also.  

He continued to say, "I could not decide if you were bi/straight/gay also, and didn't want to make an ass out of myself." 

I said, "I know, I felt the same way."

So we had a date planned for last night, but he unfortunately had to cancel. His ex had a car crash and was temporarily unconscious, and he was listed as the in-case of emergency contact. As all good friends do, he ran to his rescue - shows he has good character. His friend is ok - minor concussion and a a few bruises. I offered my services as a chiropractor and, Rob (ambibiguy) said he would bring him in today.

We are meeting Sunday evening for a few drinks. I will post the details.  

PS. I received a funny text from him this morning and it said - "HNT - You have to love seeing the whole package before the first date - lol."   R.


Friday Morning Wood

So, Mark(Raven) and I started joking around because I posted this /\/\/\ to mean that I was jumping up and down about one of his photos. He said it looked more like pitching a tent, and so we decided to start a new tradition - Friday Morning Wood. So, we will, and hoepfully you will also, take pictures of your friday morning stiffy and post them. Ladies don't fret - morning stiff nipples are great also.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

hApPy hAlF-nEkKiD tHuRSdAy


I am always undecided which pics to post, so I post them all.
I am continuing the b&w theme, and I also tried to be a little creative with the exposure/colors on the photo of me pinching my nipple - and really hard! I just love my nipples pinched, bitten, clamped - whatever!

Love you guys,

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Ambiguously Bi Friend

If you read my post, The Steam Room, you would know that this incredibly hot guy that I met in spin class, whom happens to be ambiguously bisexual has been haunting my masturbation fantasies.  

Why do I think he is bisexual? Well, he said the spin instructor is hot, and she is, but he also smiles at me in a way that makes me think, "is he checking me out". He flirts with me. He is touchy-feelly, and always makes sure to grab a bike next to mine.

I guess I need to come out and just ask him, "do you like boys, girls or both?"

I will let you know what transpires, and hopefully have a filthy-perverted story to write.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saturday Night Fever: P2

So, I get to Amanda's apartment and I am greeted not by her, but her very gorgeous roommate, Desire. She has blonde hair, green eyes, beautiful bronze skin, and stands about 5'9 in her heels. She was wearing tight jeans a sexy black shirt that said, "transexual" on it. I loved it. It was very fitting because she easily can be mistaken for a bio female.

Anyway, we start chatting and her South American accent is just so sexy and completes the whole package. I was not sure if she was coming out with us, so I asked, and she replied "si." So, I decided to see if she would understand me in italian - she did and speaks better than me - go!

While we were talking I was rudely twittering from my mobile, and she asked me what I was typing. So, I showed her and Amanda who just entered the room what I was doing. They fell in love with twitter, and we started conversing back and forth with Intldiplomat and Viviane212, and having a lot of fun.

Amanda looked even hotter than the night we met, and I guess they coordinated their outfits, because she was wearing almost the exact same thing as Desire, except that her shirt was hot pink with" T-girl" written in rhinestones.

We had a few shots of patron and headed out to the club. After reaching our destination, we exited the cab, and the ropes were opened for us with no waiting - awesome! We headed straight for the bar and ordered drinks: a kettle one on the rocks for me, and two cosmos for the ladies. Then we started tearing up the dance floor and working up a sweat. 

Amanda was being so playful and sexy with the way she was dancing. She would get in front of me and push her body and ass against me, while I held her hips. Then she would turn, look me in the eyes and blow me a kiss. 

After about a half hour of dancing, Amanda said to me, "dance with Desire and don't hold back I'm not the jealous type, I share." Desire and I start dancing, and after a few minutes she puts her arms over my shoulders while my hands are on her waist; she was looking me in the eyes and smiling. Amanda leans in behind me and says, "kiss her, it's ok." So,  I leaned in and she leaned in, and we clumsily banged our heads right! After a few giggles, I grabbed her and pulled her towards me, kissed her, no tongue, just playful kisses with licking and lip nibbling etc. I felt Amanda come up behind me and start bitting on my ear, I could also feel her cock semi-hard pressing against my ass which was really turning me on. Amanda says, "let's get some drinks."

Were at the corner of the bar and I order the drinks - this time a shot of patron each.  They wanted to make this fun, so we took small sips and kissed each other with the patron, orally feeding it to each other - fucking hot!

Desire excused herself to go to the ladies room, while Amanda and I waited outside.  She asked me if I thought Desire was sexy, and I replied, "yeah." The next question, "sexier than me?" 


"Good, that is what I wanted to hear." "You know Desire and I fuck each other all the time. Well I fuck her, she hates having a cock and wants the surgery, not me, I love mine, and so do you, right?"

I smiled and replied with a giddy, "yes".


Desire returns. We head back to the dance floor and to our same dance routine. We were honestly having so much fun together. The club closes and desire says, "I don't want to stop dancing." So we head to the Shelter Party that starts@ 3:30am with the legendary Timmy Regisford spinning. 

We get in a little after 4 and dance our asses off till 7:30 in the morning. I did not want to leave. It was packed and it did not look like it was slowing down (these parties are known to move well into Sunday), but the girls had to work this afternoon, so I took them home.

Amanda invited me up, and I agreed. Once we were in the apartment I said goodnight to Desire, and she told me that she had a fabulous time and can not wait to do it again. I reply, "me too." She kisses me on both cheeks, says ciao, and heads to her room.

Amanda and I are now on the couch talking, and she asks me if I had fun. I answer, "yes." She smiles and leans in to kiss me. We start making out, playfully kissing each other, sucking on each others earlobes, necks, and tongues. She takes my shirt off and starts nibbling on my nipples. I reached down to touch her cock and she smacked my hand, then my face playfully and said, "I am in control, I read your blog - I know what you like." 

"Call me Miss Amanda and ask before touching, understand?"


"OK, then strip completely naked and get on your knees."

There I was kneeling butt-naked in a strange apartment while she was fully clothed standing tall right in front of me. She unzipped her jeans and slid them and her panties to the floor and said, "beg for my cock."

"Please, Miss Amanda allow me to suck your cock."

"Good, now you may take it."

I reached under her balls and started massaging them and licking and kissing her cock. She grabbed my head and started slapping her cock on my face, and said, "you like that, right?" Before I could answer, she said, "don't speak, I know you do, just suck it." 

I started sucking her cock, massaging and grabbing her hips while she pushed deeper into my throat. She stepped out of her jeans and panties and then I felt her foot under my balls just rubbing back and was heaven.  She took it out of my mouth, sat down on the couch, and removed her shirt and bra. This was the first time I have seen her completely naked, she was perfect. Smooth, sexy chocolate skin, curves in all the right places, beautiful perky tits and cock (which I was familiar with already from our first encounter).

"Crawl over here and start sucking again." I did! After a few minutes of giving her a sensual, deep blowjob and licking her balls, she picked my head up to kiss me and then pushed it down to suck on her nipples.  

"Enough. On your stomach and spread em wide."

I did as I was told. I felt her body lay on top of mine, and her hard cock press against my bare ass, her breathe on the back of my neck, and her lips on my ears, neck and shoulders.

"I am going to lick and then fuck that ass of yours, just like I wanted to do the first time we met."

I felt her hands part my cheeks, and her tongue begin flickering my ass. "That feels so good", I moaned.

"Did I tell you to speak?" 

"No, Miss Amanda, I'm sorry."

"Do you know how to put a condom on with your mouth?"


"Well, that will be our next lesson, not today."

She grabbed a condom and put it on, then inserted a generously lubed finger in my ass. It felt really good and she knew exactly where to touch me. 

"You like that, right?" 


"Beg me to fuck you;  tell me how horny you are and how sexy I am."

"Miss Amanda you are so fucking sexy, please fuck me, I am so horny I can't take it anymore."

I felt her cock pressing against my eager hole. Slowly and patiently she took her time, teasing me until finally it was all in. She is large! I felt her hands grip my hips and she began thrusting, slow at first, then faster and harder - she knows how to move and was really good. 

"Tell me when you are going to come, I want to come at the same time as you."

I felt her breasts press against my back  while she reached around and started stroking my cock. Within a minute or two, I was screaming, "I'm going to come". She kept thrusting and stroking me. I felt my ass get tight and then I exploded all over her hands. She stuck her fingers covered with my hot come in my mouth and said eat it, while she was still fucking me very slowly and gyrating her hips. She then pulled out, removed the condom and I felt her hot load shoot all over my back. She collapsed on top of me while still rubbing my nipples and kissing my neck.

We got up to take a shower, only to find desire sitting in the corner naked. She was watching us and masturbating anally, while jerking off - so hot!

After the shower she walked me downstairs, I kissed her goodbye and she hugged me. 

She said this to me, " thank you for bringing me flowers, I had a great time, and can't wait till next time we are together - I will let you fuck me because you were a good boy(then she giggled). I just want to let you know that I appreciate you as a genuine person, and I want nothing more from you. My life is crazy, as is yours. I would love to be friends with you forever, and fuck whenever we feel, but I don't want to pressure you or anything else to ruin this, do you understand what I mean?"

I replied,  "yes, and I feel the same way."

"Good, call me when you get home, so I know you are ok." 

That one sentence won my heart over in friendship. I called her when I got in, and she said that she would like to be with me and Desire at the same time in the future. I said, "No problem." She laughed and said," I could have bet my life on it that you would say those exact words."

We are having dinner this week, and I am cooking for her and Desire, but I think the threesome is in the future, just not now.  

Side note: They are both awesome girls, with good jobs, nice apartment, don't drink too much or do drugs. They tend to keep to themselves and are very happy.

Hope you enjoyed it, I know Amanda will enjoy reading it.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Like a Child on Christmas Morning - I'm So Excited!

So, I have a new title to add to my ongoing list of hobbies, careers and interests- sex toy reviewer.

Dallas contacted me from babeland in reference to my blog, saying that she enjoyed reading it and that I should set up an affiliate account, which I did. 

Later on I asked her how I could become a sex toy reviewer; she provided me with the information and to my surprise, Mae contacted me back quickly and sent the first box pronto.

The awesome staff at babeland have graciously sent me the products you see on the left for me to review. I will be doing about 2-3 reviews per month; I am so excited, and for obvious reasons. 

I will be comparing the new Nexus Maximus and the Share double dildos, and reviewing The Rude Boy Vibrating Prostate Massager - Oh boy..Big Grin!!!

Why do I think I will be a good reviewer of toys? Well, I own and love a suitcase full of toys already, I have no boundaries with the use of them and I think a male perspective could be a great way to reach a larger audience by writing  a honest, heartfelt and humorous review.

Read Babeland's Story here

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

hApPy hAlF-nEkKiD tHuRSdAy


Well my favorite day of the week is here, and I have decided to bear all - my face. 

I was not sure about posting this, because not all of my family and friends know about this blog or my sexuality - so in a way I am outing myself, but this is something that I have been wanting to do, and I am happy I did!

As always, I love you guys..


By the way - the wife beater pic is for Polt!


The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #128? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
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“His reply was instant: “You are a man”.”

“I found my eyes unable to leave the curves of her ass, everything else out of focus.

Ripping yourself a new one
“What’s the most ludicrous porn scene you ever saw?”

Mr. Sugasm Himself (one from the vaults)

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Isabella's Sex Meme

Photo of Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star)

This is Isabella’s Sex Meme. Anyone is welcome to steal it, but you must post this rules blurb at the beginning of the meme.

I was tagged by
Marcelle Manhattan - Check her Meme out, and her blog if you haven't yet - she is awesome!

1. You must include this link to
Sex Talk - Sex Advice for Men.
2. You must answer every question! If you don’t have a good answer, you are strongly encouraged to make up something good; we like to be entertained.
3. You must tag three people.

Here Goes:

1. Sex in the Morning or Sex at Night?
Sex at anytime of day for me. I always wake up horny and aroused, but time does not always permit sex in the AM unless it is in the shower together, but sex at night is always great.

2. Better Sex Music - Sade or Marvin Gaye?
I love Sade, but my favorite music to get it on to, Mazzy Star - Hope Sandoval's voice sends shivers through my body. I masturbate often to her music, and Janes Addiction is a close second, or anything in the electronica realm. Mr. Gaye is great also; old standard, but kind of cliche.

3. Naughty Pics or Naughty Home Videos?
I am an exhibitionist to the 100th degree. I love my weekly HNT - that is happy half nekkid thursday pics, and I have about a few hundred naughty photos on my HD. As for naughty videos, I would love to explore that more - there is definitely an inner porn star in me.

4. Fabulous Sex With: Dr Doug Ross or Dr Greg House?
Greg House, I like the attitude also, and the scruffy look oddly turns me on - I usually like clean shaved.
To Marcelle - "I wish real doctors were that bright" I am!!

5. Vibrator or Dildo?
Both. I love my Aneros Prostate Massagers, but the Nexus Vibro ROCKS MY WORLD. I am also a huge fan of the hitachi - the gspot attachment works well on the prostate.

6. Bedroom Sex: Lights Off or Lights On?
Mood lighting. Dim, sexy and maybe a cheesy lava lamp. Candles are great and multi functional *wink*

7. Word Preference: Pussy or Cunt?

8. Spanking Over the Knee or Spanking Only During Sex?
I love being spanked. - anywhere, anytime. I seem to get spanked often too. In spin class a few weeks ago I was yelled at for stopping. After the class I explained I had a cramp, and she apologized for disciplining me. I said, "No worries, I enjoy being disciplined", and as I turned around, she spanked me out of the blue. Now it is a pre-spin class ritual - the class thinks were nuts - I love it!

9. More Exciting: Sex in an Elevator or Sex in an Aeroplane?
In an elevator definitely, and especially if there is a chance of being caught or watched on the elevator camera.

10. Ron Jeremy or Peter North?
Peter North, nice body and cock -boy does he shoot a load.

11. Word Preference? Cock or dick?
Cock is such a sexy, stimulating word - COCK! COCK! COCK! lol

12. Linda Lovelace or Jenna Jameson?
Jenna Jameson with a strap-on. She knows how to move.  Did you see I Dream of Jenna, the strap-on scene? Phew!

13. Rope Bondage or Bondage Tape
Shibari Baby! Rope is the way. I want to take Midori's Rope Dojo so bad. The mingling of flesh and rope is so sexy!

14. Give Rim Job or Receive Anal Sex?
I love everything about anal. I love receiving anal, I love giving anal, and love, repeat LOVE rimming someone or being rimmed. Writing that got me super turned on!

15. Get Rich Stripping in a Skanky Bar or Get Rich as a Call Girl for Celebs?
I stripped twice in college. Women are crazy; the brides grandmother attacked me at the bachelorette party. I would rather be a boy toy for the celebs.

16. Which Threesome - Boy/Girl/Girl or Boy/Boy/Girl?
I agree with Marcelle, "I love threesomes, foursomes and moresomes". There is never enough people.
Boy/Transexual/Girl would be awesome, and I have.

17. Flavoured Oil or Tingling Oil?
My favorite at this moment is ID glide Pleasure - Tingles and feels great with my aneros.

18. Pearl Necklace or Swallow?
I love Cum. swallowing is great as a finish, but there is so much fun to be had with it before swallowing. Swapping it back and forth is so fucking hot, and in a threessome it is even hotter. Licking it off a body/face or eating it out of a girl - Oh boy!!

19. Sex While Strangers Watch or Sex With a Stranger?
All of the above. I like the idea of being blindfolded, auctioned off to the highest bidder, have sex with the blind fold on and in front of a group of strangers. The blindfold would stay on until everyone leaves, including my temporary owner, and I would never know who watched me or who he/she was that bought me.

20. Tied to the Bed or to a St Andrew’s Cross?
Bed is more comfortable and intimate, never been on the cross and don't know if I want to.

I’m going to tag
Mina, Curvaceous Dee, and Raven this will get you blogging.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Steam Room - An Erotic Tale

Photo from

So, I am walking in to spin class and mumbling under my breathe, "why do I put myself through this agony?"Because you want to keep that ass of yours in shape", I hear from a voice behind me. 

I turn to see a guy about 5'11, 200lbs all muscle, not that overly muscular guy, but the perfect swimmers build. He had jet black hair and eyes, natural tan colored skin and a nice smile. He was hot! We grabbed a couple of spin bikes and fell in line next to each other.

"I'm Rob." 

"Hi, Rob, I'm Marcello, nice to meet you." 


Tracy, the spin instructor comes over and says,"OK Marcello, show me the stuff." I bend over so she can spank my ass in a playful manner. 

"What was that about?" asked Rob. 

"Well, a few weeks ago I was in spin class for the first time and I was not going along with the class due to a cramp in my calf. She yelled, "No slackers allowed in here." When the class finished, she came over, and I explained to her that I am getting over a knee injury and I had a cramp in my upper calf. She replied by saying she was sorry for disciplining me like that.  I say, "No worries, I enjoy being disciplined." She smiled, and when I turned around, she spanked my ass..LOL. Now it is a pre-spin ritual."

"Kinky", Rob said in a sexy voice while winking at me.

The class begins and I am thinking to myself, is he into me - it is hard to tell because my gym is mostly comprised of straight people, or those who keep their sexual preferences to themselves. The class begins and we are pedaling away. The class is progressing and I am getting all these filthy, dirty images in my head of Rob and I entwined in every imaginable sex act known to man, while sweating our asses off in the steam room.

45 minutes of BDSM on a bike seat is finally over, and I say, "bye" to Rob, and head towards the lockers. 

Sitting in the steam room, eyes closed and fantasizing about my new friend, I hear the door open, it's Rob. 

 (Everything up till here was true.... 
the rest is exactly what was going through my mind while I was sitting in the steam room.)


"What's going on, Rob?"

"I figured I would relax a while before work, you mind if I join you?" "No, not at all."

Rob, sits down and removes his towel to expose his naked flesh. I can not help but look - Wow he is sexy!

"Marcello, you have a great body, if you don't mind me saying." "No, and you do also", I reply.

"MarcelIo, I hate to sound too forward, but there really is no other way of asking this. Are you gay/bi/str8?"


"Well, I think you are hot, and I feel that you may be into me also. Am I wrong?"

"No, I have been fantasizing about you since the beginning of that spin class."

"Me too", says Rob with that gorgeous smile.

Rob heads over towards me and he pulls my towel apart, and we begin kissing and touching each other's chests. We are completely naked, flesh on flesh, sweaty and horny, and both completely rock hard.

I reach down and grab Rob's cock in my hand and begin stroking it. He pushes me back down to the seat and puts his leg up on the bench. I lean in and wrap my mouth around his beautiful flesh.

"Oh God that feels so good", gasps Rob, while moaning. 

We are both startled when we hear the first door to the steam room open. Rob and I grab our towels and move apart. Tracy, the spin instructor enters and gives us both a weird look.

"You boys alright in here?"

"Yeah, were ok, why?", Rob and I reply nervously jumbling our words together. 

"Well, you boys look a little flustered, like I might of walked in on something that I shouldn't have. And if I did, I just want you to know, I think bi-guys are fucking hot!"

I swallow, and look at Rob. He gets up and moves towards me and I drop my towel, grab tracy and open her Robe. The three of us are now exploring each others bodies, and looking at each other with animalistic lust. 

"This is so hot", says Tracy. She then drops her robe to the floor and grabs the back of my head and Rob's and pushes us together so we can kiss. Tracy joins in and we are engaged in tongue threesome. She moves back to the tile bench, sits down, spreads her legs, and begins playing with herself.

"I want you guys to go back to where you were before I came in." 

I sit down and Rob move towards me, he puts his leg back up on the bench and I take his cock in my mouth. I begin sucking and stroking him while playing with his balls. Rob grabs the back of my head and starts fucking my mouth.

We form a natural rhythm, while I am squeezing Rob's ass, and he is thrusting into my throat.

"Stop and come over here", says Tracy. We obey. 

"Marcello, I want you on your back so I can sit on your face while Rob and I suck your cock."

Tracy has a very curvy body and her ass is just a round delicious work of art. She sits on my face and grinds down and says, "eat my ass and do it well, and I might let you taste my pussy." I get right to work and Tracy is enjoying every minute of it. "Ok, Marcello you are a good boy, you may taste me, and I want to come, so do a good job!"

Rob and Tracy are devouring me and I am in heaven. The intensity of their mouths at the same time was too much to handle and I guess I stopped pleasing Tracy. "Did I tell you to stop", says Tracy in a stern voice. "No" I reply. "Then, apologize, call me Mistress and beg for it," she says. 

"I am sorry Mistress Tracy, please allow me to finish my job and make you come." 

Tracy gets off of my face and sits down, orders Rob to go to his locker to get some condoms if he has, which he does.

"Marcello, on your knees, when Rob gets back he is going to fuck you, and do it well." 

I kneel down in front of her and start kissing and licking her pussy. Rob returns, condom on and gently begins inserting himself into my ass. I relax as he pushes, I relax some more and he pushes in fully. He just stays there and allows me to get used to him inside me.  He then grips my hips and starts thrusting. 

I insert two fingers into Tracy and and hit her g-spot. I am bringing her to the brink of orgasm while Rob is still pounding away.

"OMG, I cumming" Tracy screams. Tracy starts squirting loads of delicious juice all over my face. "OMG, that has never happened to me before", she says. She grabs a condom and puts it on me and I enter her. 

Tracy, Rob and I, are now locked in a sexual sandwich, with me the filling. Rob leans on my back and bites the back of my ear and then says, "tell me when you are going to cum, so we can do it together." 

I scream, "Rob, I'm going to cum!" 

Tracy says," cum on my face". Rob and I pull out, take our condoms off and cum all over Tracy's face. I lean over grab the back of Rob's head and kiss him. Tracy, says "what about me." Rob and I kiss Tracy with our hot sticky cum all over her face. 

"Now that is what I'm talking about", she says. We collapsed in exhaustion and just lied there for a few minutes before Rob and I hit the showers and Tracy left.

"I wonder what the next spin class will be like", says Rob.

I laugh and smile.

Hope you enjoyed it,

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

hApPy hAlF-nEkKiD tHuRSdAy


hApPy hAlF-nEkKiD tHuRsDaY

"rEmEmBeRiNg & tEaRy eYeS"

My grandfather passed on tuesday morning at 2am - if you get a chance read the post below that I wrote about him and my grandmother.

 I am sad, but happy for him because he is reunited with my grandmother, and once again happy.

I always felt my eyes were my best feature -  I don't know how sexy they are with tears in them, but I tried!


PS. I am leaving for the wake so, if I did not comment on your pic yet - it will be tonight!

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