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Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Writing Assignment: P1 - Our First Encounter

The drawing is by Tyson Mcadoo. His art is amazing, check it out for yourself. This is the tattoo I am thinking of  getting on my right shoulder/arm, with a male in a collar at her feet, and shading around it. What do you think?

I just spoke with Mistress Andrea via IM in Paris - don't you just love technology. For those of you that do not know who she is; she is a my ex. -  we met in 1994 while I was dj-ing in a club in NYC.  She was a dancer there, and we were in a D/s relationship for about 2 years. 

Ok, so what does this mean. She assigned me a topic to write about: our first time together; the dynamics of our D/s relationship, and how that relationship has influenced my life, sexuality and perception of women. (I might turn this into two or three parts so that I can post each as I finish it) . I think I found a new fetish - being told what to write about...LOL!

The first night I saw her, I was in awe. She had that Betty Paige look and body piercings, tattoos, knee-high platform boots, leather boy shorts and a mesh black bra; she was dancing on a podium with a whip in her hand - She was dark, beautiful and sexy. 

I think she caught me glancing at her a few times. Later on that night she came to the dj booth and requested a song. We chatted, I asked her to breakfast, and I wound up going home with her. 

Her first question was, "do you know about BDSM, and do you have any experience with it?" My resposne, "why?" She replied, "I am a professional Dominatrix and live the lifestyle fully." I explained to her that I had an interest in the scene, but never had the opportunity to experience it; I consented to playing with her, and we headed back to her place.

She was very gentile, informative about what she was doing, and what I should expect. It started with a command to strip completely naked, while she remained fully clothed. I was instructed to stand tall while she circled me, inspected my body, and made decisions about what she would do to me. I was ordered to kneel, placed in a collar and leash, ankle and wrist restraints, and lead by leash - crawling behind her to a chair where she sat down. I was instructed to kiss her boots, unzip them, remove her stockings and begin worshiping her feet. (if you have read my first post then you would remember that a have a huge foot fetish that started when I was about 10).

I kissed and sucked her toes, worshipped her feet and legs, and made my way up to the female altar. I was told to undress her, and then she sat back down. I started to move towards her pussy, when she grabbed my hair and said, "stop." My head was put between her legs, inches from heaven, and ordered to just stare and smell while she petted me. I felt like a dog salivating with its head placed on a sofa while the Master/Mistress is eating. I was kept there for about 15 minutes.  It was excruciating, I was so aroused, so turned on, that I felt like an animal in heat. Eventually she spoke, but it was not what I wanted to hear. I had to skip to her navel and kiss her belly button, her breasts, neck, shoulders and arms. I tried to kiss her, but she pushed me away, squeezed my face to pucker my lips, turned around and ordered me to kiss her ass cheeks and rim her ass. She tasted so good, smelled so great; I could not get enough of her.

I was led to the bed by collar and leash and restrained to the bed posts. She smothered my face, and I worshipped her ass and pussy until she was satisfied. Then, she reached in the draw and grabbed a strap-on, put it on and looked at me for an approving glance; I nervously smiled. She started slow with lots of lube, a finger, and eventually the plastic cock. I experimented anally prior to this, but never with anyone else. This was one of my fantasies and I could not believe it was happening. While she was thrusting away, she played with my nipples - pulling on my piercings just enough that it felt good, but hurt slightly.  I don't know if it was beginners luck, but I had a hands free orgasm. She smiled, laid down on top of me while still inserted, and kissed me so passionately. We must have been kissing for like 20 minutes straight -  wet, sloppy, deep kisses. 

Eventually she pulled out of my ass, put a condom on me, and inserted me into her pussy. We assumed the previous position - skin to skin, her body weight on mine and kissing.  We were making passionate love while I was restrained. I tried to get the words out that I could not hold back anymore, but she stuck her fingers in my mouth, pushed herself up, and started grinding on me - we came at the same time. She reached up and unhooked my wrists and collapsed on my chest. I was finally able to touch her. The agony of not being able to feel her with my hands was excruciating. I grabbed her body and hugged her tightly, I then placed my hands on the sides of her face, pulled her to me and kissed her. I was in love from that moment on. She never admits it to me, but I know she felt the same; she always says she fell in love a few weeks later.

You are probably wondering why we are not together. We had a very intense relationship, and we tended to get lost in each other, and forget about the world around us; the only way that we could move on in life was to part. She was strong enough to realize it, and I am glad she did. I had some hidden fears, and some unaccomplished goals that she helped me attain. Read this post if you haven't: Personal Growth Through BDSM, it will explain why. We care deeply about each other, have a special friendship and are happy in our separate lives.

I hope you enjoyed it, I know I enjoyed writing it. Part 2: the dynamics of our D/s relationship will be coming in a  day or two.  

Side note: A lot of people will capitalize the (s) and (h) in she and her, and make a lower case (i)  for I mid-sentence when writing about D/s; I do not believe it is necessary, so I didn't. 



Mina said...

Thank you for sharing such a fantastic post! It sounds like the two of you shared something so special. I am happy that you remain close friends to this day. I look forward to hearing more. I also agree, in regards to the capitalization thing, that it is not necessary... especially here.

MasterABD said...

Honestly most good D/s relationships end with the two partners remaining great friends. This surprises a lot of people, but typically as long as abuse wasn't involved, two D/s partners realize when its time to move on and are mature enough to do so without a lot of headaches or drama.

I am glad you are one of the ones who maintained a friendship. Best wishes and great posting.