How Much London Escorts Love Vibrators and Porn Directors

Love By Remote Control

Love and sex can be difficult if you are forced to be away from your partner. Many cheap escorts are in long distance relationships. Cheap escorts from all over the world come to work in London, and that often means that they have to leave a partner at home in their country of origin. Not only can this be very emotionally distressing for the escorts, but it is also means that they can’t see or touch their partners.

Touch is a fundamental part of a relationships as lovers and Cheap London escorts know, and it is important to be able to find some way around this problem when you are in a long distance relationship. Touching and having sex over long distances used to be absolutely hopeless but now thanks to mobile technology, the impossible can happen.

Escorts with their partners many hundred a miles away, or even thousands of miles away, can now use remote sex toys to play with their partners. There are even apps that can tell you when it is time to have a sexy date with your partner. It may not be exactly the same thing as experiencing sex first hand, but never the less, it is a perfectly acceptable solution for many partners.

Cheap London Escorts
Cheap London escorts love vibrators

Keyboard controlled toys

There are now a great range of keyboard control toys. This means that your partner can be in a different country and still give you satisfaction. Some vibrators now come with programs that you can use via the internet by remote access, and I think this is a really great idea. Some of them even feature blue tooth technology, so you can relax on your bed and your partner can still play with you even though you are thousands of miles away.

He or she simply controls the vibration using a screen display, or by using the buttons on the keyboard in especially adapted programs. Yes, the programs can be a bit expensive to invest in but after awhile you will see a return of your investment. Some of these devices can even be operated from a mobile phone which means you can be satisfying your partner whilst she is in bed and you are in taxi on the way to see your favorite cheap London escorts.

Touch glove

More and more touch gloves are now coming onto the market. They work by stimulating your partner through small vibrating controls and sensors on the finger tips. This way you can touch your partner all over, and at the same time you can watch the action on screen. Many services have been set up around these devices, and you now have dial up services on the internet where you can find a playful partner.

Some of them are interactive and this means that you can watch your remote love friend whilst he or she plays with himself, and at the same time you can enjoy yourself. As a matter of fact, your remote control love partner will control you via their keyboard or digital display.

The world of sex is really changing, and it makes you wonder when we will have complete virtual bedrooms.

How I Became a Porn Movie Director

The pron movie industry is becoming more and more lucrative. A lot of people are feeling more liberated about their sexuality, and they really enjoy porn movies. Porn movies have more or less become part of their sex lives, and has even lead to more creative and fun sex for many people.

Escorts often do part time work as porn stars, and this is how I started out in the pron movie industry. I used to work with four other cheap escorts in East London, but one day I was offered a small part in a porn movie by one of my dates. He said that he loved using cheap London escorts as actresses in his porn movies as they were really pretty. I used to be a former model so I was quite confident about my body. As a matter of fact, I only joined a team of escorts after I got tired of modeling. It is fund but you often get used and abused, the money is not that good as many photographers promise. Honestly, I am now pretty convinced that most escorts make more money than models.

After a couple of trials I started appearing in porn movies on a regular basis. I really enjoyed the experience, and we were a really close knit team. I knew a lot of other escorts and eventually they joined us as well. Making porn movies soon became a life style and I enjoyed it. I made good money and I was still able to carry on with my cheap London escorts services on the side. Many of my dates used to brag that they dated an escort who was also a porn star.

However, I realized that I wanted something else out of my life. It felt like I wasn’t doing else than to appear in porn movies and provide cheap escorts in London services, so I went back to college and learned about the technical side of film making.

After a couple of years of college, I bought my own professional camera and started to make girl on girl porn movies with my friends who still worked as escorts. Surprisingly, it did not take long for us to become a bit of a name within the porn movie industry, and I started my own production company.

Cheap London escorts
Cheap London escorts are rich enough to own their own porn companies

Today, I am still running my own production company as well as making many of my own porn movies. I have encouraged other escorts to join me, and my team is made up out of escorts from all over the world. We offer a wide, and wild, range of porn movie themes, and we are now also getting into training videos. We take our jobs very seriously and it is only because of this we have been able to succeed. The porn movie business is quite a tough industry but as long as you stay professional you can succeed.

You will find that many escorts in London are now taking on many diverse and cheap roles within the porn industry, and some of the most popular companies are in fact owned by escorts. Doesn’t it pay to be a cheap London escort.