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Ambiguously Bi Guy Update: The Verdict’s In!

We met for coffee and started chatting. The conversation was moving in many different directions, so I asked him if he was seeing anyone, and he replied, “I am bisexual, but I just ended a 5year relationship with a guy that I have known for almost 10 years; we are still close friends, and there [...]

Saturday Night Fever: P2

So, I get to Amanda’s apartment and I am greeted not by her, but her very gorgeous roommate, Desire. She has blonde hair, green eyes, beautiful bronze skin, and stands about 5′9 in her heels. She was wearing tight jeans a sexy black shirt that said, “transexual” on it. I loved it. It was very [...]

A Writing Assignment PII.b - The Openness and Psycho-Sexual Aspect of Our Relationship

As mentioned in the first 2 posts, we had an open relationship with a single rule - no sex with another person unless we were both part of it. I also hinted that we were both young, but I was younger. She had already received her bachelors in psychology and was finished with her masters before [...]

Sexual-Eccentricity (My Sexual Evolution P2)

I would like to start off by saying, if you have not read my first blog post, then some of this might not be completely clear to you.

Most of you probably know that on New Year’s Eve I realized I am bisexual, and to be specific, pansexual.

So, a friend of mine that I met via [...]

Personal Growth Through BDSM

Ciao Everyone:

I pose this question. Can there be healing and growth through BDSM? My answer, a resounding, YES!

The true story that follows, is from a scene that my Mistress and i performed about 8 years ago. This scene is proof that BDSM can have profound effects on an individual’s life, may it be the Dom/-mme [...]