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A Week in The Life of My Tweets!

Happy Monday fellow Tweeters! #
Morning All! #
If you have been to my blog over the last 2 days - It is down and should be up by tonight of tomorrow. Moving to WP has been a little shaky. #
@brendajos should be. I forgot about Friday Wood. May have to start that up again. in reply [...]

Welcome To My New Home!

I am in the process of moving the my blog. Please be patient. There will be no HNT this week and by the end of the weekend all should be finished.

Testing iPhone mobile blogging app

I love sex!

Marcello’s 2008

A new year, new adventures. Resolutions, goals and all pacs mad in a drunken frenzy of what we call new years eve!

2008 was a tuff year for many due to the economy, gas prices and other stresses, but 2008 was very good to me. So before I a make resolutions for 2009 I would like [...]