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About Me

MEI am kinky, romantic, perverted, sexual, eccentric, unselfish, lover, bisexual, debater, masturbator, exhibitionist, sex nerd, chef, pansexual, doctor, intellectual, intelligent, philosopher, sex positive, artist, creative, eclectic, mac addict, dark chocolate lover, introspective, ENFP, extroverted, bottom mostly, submissive, passionate, slow food movement member, food network addict, wine lover, seeker, dj and music producer, dog lover, animal lover, outspoken, avid reader, blogger, opptomist, video game lover, gadget collector, sex toy owner and lover, kinkster, vintage sneaker collector, fashion lover, italian-american, photography lover and soon to be photographer, accessory whore (sunglasses, belts, watches etc.), friend, generous, honest and sincere. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a Pisces!