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Friday Morning Wood

TGIF Baby!

wOoO hOoOo…

My Jollie and I started the morning and weekend off right—masturbation—anally!

Read my review of this magnificent toy below.

luv ya guys,

The Jollie Review For Babeland

“A former medical industry designer sculpted the bulging shaft for optimal G-spot or prostate stimulation with minimal effort—and the ridges on the easy-grip handle target the clit or perineum with every slide in and out.” - Babeland

Truer words have never been spoken. The Jollie’s key to its success is its minimal effort needed to hit [...]

Like a Child on Christmas Morning - I’m So Excited!

So, I have a new title to add to my ongoing list of hobbies, careers and interests- sex toy reviewer.

Dallas contacted me from babeland in reference to my blog, saying that she enjoyed reading it and that I should set up an affiliate account, which I did. 

Later on I asked her how I could become [...]

A Writing Assignment: PII.a - The Dynamics Of Our D/s Relationship

Ciao Everyone

You can read P1: Our First Encounter here:

I thought that I would have 3 posts, but it looks like there will be 4 total, I, II.a, II.b, III.

Our relationship moved very fast; very very very fast! We moved in together pretty quickly and we did everything together. We were in an [...]

My Best Aneros Session Yet!

Ok, so last night I am using 1 of my 3 models of the Aneros prostate Massager, the progasm. I went about my usual routine: get naked, relax, lube it up and inset; I then relax for 15-20m without doing anything except maybe watch porn, surf the net for porn or read erotica. I have been [...]