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hApPy hAlF-nEkKiD tHuRSdAy

Feeling  a little under the weather, so I had a pic I never posted. It is not my best HNT, but it will do for this week.

luv ya,



House Warming Party!

Saturday was awesome! 

Wendy, Jack, Mariella, & Stacy all came to my apartment in brooklyn for a small get together. Sadly a few of the people I invited could not make it and they were missed.

 I made homemade pizzas and fresh mozzarella, as well as an assortment of cheeses and antipasto. Jack & Mariella brought delicious [...]

hApPy hAlF-nEkKiD tHuRSdAy

Every once in a while I get an email asking to take a special HNT and usually they are anonymous. Don’t be shy, I don’t bite, unless you want me to.  

OK! So the request was stripped sweat socks and a sport coat with a hat. Very hot theme! So I had a black pair [...]

Testing iPhone mobile blogging app

I love sex!

hApPy hAlF-nEkKiD tHuRSdAy

Last Wednesday, Ms Lily and her Knight came into NYC to stay with me and go out for her knights’s birthday. We headed to pleasure salon where her Knight was spanked with a wood paddle that he hand-carved himself (HOT!) by 32 kinksters, Some gave 1 spank, and others 30+—all signed the paddle and he [...]