The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
                        - Marcel Proust

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sugasm #118

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.

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An Erotic Story…Samson and Delilah
“Now how exactly does one go about seducing a preacher?”

A Kiss
“Then, the lulling low roar of your voice falls away and we are both leaning forward, transfixed.”

Clif & Lydia Drop Over The Edge
“She nervously giggled and lowered her lashes. ”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
The Secret of Playboy Legs

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Monday, February 11, 2008


Last Thursday I participated for the first time in HNT (half-nekkid thursdays), and I have to say that this idea is up there with the invention of electricity, flight, internet etc....

Taking off all of my clothes in the middle of the afternoon to snap a photograph of myself is exhilarating. OMG, I was so horny after taking that picture. 

The other night after I stepped out from the shower, I snapped a few more pics of myself for ALT; it was fun, but stripping naked at mid-day to do it is way better. I honestly can not wait to thursday to take a pic, and I will do it again after being fully clothed at high noon..LOL!

This Thursday is Valentine's Day and I can't wait to see what you all come up with.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

18 Days!

It has been 18 days since I started this blog. WOW!

In this time period I have logged over 2k unique visitors and purchased my own domain. I have made a lot of new friends, and although our friendships are of a cyber nature, I hope we stay friends forever.

A few people have left comments and voted in my poll; I hope more of you decide to show yourselves, I want to hear from you all.

Note: I know I spelled Lesbian wrong in the poll. Someone voted before I had a chance to correct it, and now I unfortunately can not change the spelling. I didn't even realize it until I went to vote the next day. Sorry! 

Lastly, I would like to say that writing about my sexuality over the last two weeks has allowed me to grow so much that it boggles my mind.  It is so liberating, and very much a turn-on, to share my thoughts and my sexuality with you.

I hope you all have a happy-lazy sunday afternoon.

Thank you,

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy HNT!

hApPy hAlF nEkKid tHuRsDaYs......YeeHa!

This is my first HNT pic.

Me and my turns me on!!

Yes, I am weird!!



Personal Growth Through BDSM

Ciao Everyone:

I pose this question. Can there be healing and growth through BDSM? My answer, a resounding, YES!

The true story that follows, is from a scene that my Mistress and i performed about 8 years ago. This scene is proof that BDSM can have profound effects on an individual's life, may it be the Dom/-mme and/or the submissive.

We were at a dinner party, and we were exploring the following subjects: "if you had to lose 1 of the 5 senses, which one would you pick" & "what are you afraid of in life"?

My reply: "I can not imagine losing my sense of taste, I love, and I am great at cooking; hearing, music moves me more than anything else; vision, it is scary to think how blind people must feel. My fears in life were: giving up 100% control, fear of being alone, and a fear of moving away from my family".

We went home and didn't really speak about the evening, except how much we enjoyed the company of these couples(D/s) we just met. 

Later on that week, she asked me if I trusted her, and i said, "yes". We went to an apartment that I was never at before, She blindfolded me, bound me to the bed, and put sound isolating ear plugs in my ears. Before hand she told me that after she was finished she was going to leave and come back whenever she felt. I think it was about 1 1/2 - 2hrs before she returned. In that time frame I had a panic attack, heart pounding, sweating, felt like I was going to die - panic attack.

When she returned, she removed the ear-pieces, and asked me if i still trusted Her, i said, "yes"; She asked me if i was OK, i said, "yes again". She then told me 2 other people were in the room and she was going to leave me to them, and that she would be back soon. I heard their voices, and her footsteps leaving and closing the door behind her. The ear-pieces were put back on and a ball-gag was placed in my mouth. For the next 2-3 hrs nothing happened to me, except the occasional brush of my skin to let me know that they were still there.  

This was indeed a very scary time, I had no idea who those people were, and what they might do to me. I was helpless! I took myself to a place that I have never been. In my mind, I envisioned Mistress Andrea: Her loving smile, the trust i had in Her, and that kept me calm and peaceful and ready to deal with whatever they might do to me. 

Eventually all the sensory deprivation equipment was removed, and i could see my Mistress (she looked exactly the way i was envisioning Her in my mind). Then the restraints were unlocked, and I curled up Her arms and cried.  

Some info that you need to know before reading the next section:

(My Mistress always wore Burberry Perfume. The day of that scene She wore a bought off the street musk perfume.....I didn't even notice. During those last 3 hours, whenever either of the two became close to me, I smelled that musk scent. Before the the sensory deprivation equipment was removed, she showered and put on burberry.)

A few weeks later we were watching TV, she excused herself, went to the bathroom and put on that musk perfume. As soon as she curled up next to me, I had flashbacks of that day. I said to her, "you were there the whole time", she replied "yes, I told you I would keep you safe and let nothing happen to you, and now you will never underestimate the power of scent". I began using my sense of smell more, and have become a better chef because of it. She always, and still has a pet peeve that people dont slow down enough to smell things.

To me it was a complete mind-fuck and an incredible experience. It made me realize that no matter how far away I might be, the people I love will still be in my mind and close to me. The whole time I was blindfolded, I saw her in my mind, the images so clear, so precise, that it made me relax and not painc anymore, it brought me comfort.

This experience helped me loose my fears, and move away from my family to another state for school. It helped me grow into the person I am today. Now, I am comfortable in being alone, I take chances in life, and I am always smelling things now.

Mistress Andrea and i split up when i left for school, and Her Europe. We remain the best of friends and talk via the internet regularly. She is allowing me to post Her name. I have since returned to NYC from Atlanta, and She lives in Paris in a D/s relationship with a female submissive.

Hope you enjoyed that part of my life.



Monday, February 4, 2008


I love to kiss! 

In my opinion, the most intimate act two or more people can share, is the kiss. 

Kissing someone for the first time is a pleasure like no other.  Leaning in, turning your head, touching your lips, playfully kissing his/her bottom or upper lip, tongues dancing together, twinkles in your eyes, the wetness of a kiss, the taste of a kiss, the funny feelings in the tummy......OMG I could keep going on!

I love to kiss!

Kissing is not just about lip to lip contact. Kissing a body part is just as much fun: kissing each and every bone of your lovers back - from the base of their spine up to their neck,  shoulders, ears, nipples down to the belly button, genitals, fingers, toes & knees.....every inch of their bodies!

I love to kiss!

I love planting a nice puckered kiss on my lover's cheek. Mmmmwah..... with a nice kiss-smack at the end!

I love to kiss!

Some facts about kissing:

The longest kiss took place in 2001 NYC between Louisa Almedovar and Rich Langley, it lasted 30hrs 59m 29s. WOW....lucky couple!

The average person spends two weeks of their life doesn't seem long enough!

You Burn 26 cal/hr kissing.....I call that fat-burning fun!!!

At the Diocleia festival at Megara in honour of Diocles, lover of Philolaus, a kissing contest was held in which   boys would kiss a male judge, who awarded a laurel wreath to the boy he deemed the best kisser. The Romans distinguished three types of kiss: osculum, a friendship kiss on the cheek; basium, a kiss of affection on the lips; and suavium (also known as savium), a lovers' deep kiss. (wikpedia)  Very Cool!

So, lets try and kiss instead of fight! 


Saturday, February 2, 2008


The other day a friend and I were having a coffee and I noticed a girl sitting across from us, not what most guys would call a "knockout", but she was so sexy in her own way. I have always had my own-diverse attractions, and never conformed to societal standards of beauty.  

This girl was about 5'7, 160lbs,  dark hair, tattoo on the back of  her neck (ohm-yoga symbol), glasses, and beautiful blue eyes. She was sitting, legs crossed, reading a book, her hair was tied up like a buddhist monk, and she was so in-tune with her book that she was oblivious to her surroundings.  While she was reading, she would crack the cutest little smiles about the content of her mysterious book - she had a grammar school style cover on it. 

I said to my friend, "this girl is driving me insane", he replied, "why she's fat";  I said,"how could you say that, look at her: curvaceous body, sexy eyes, my god that sexy neck, and most of all look how much she is into that book", his reply. "you're weird, I always knew it". LOL! He finished his coffee and left, I stayed. 

I contemplated going over and introducing myself, but I didn't; I felt it was wrong to intrude on her personal space. If it was a bar/lounge, or if she was even aware that there was other people in the room, I would have, but I opted not to. I sat there imagining what she might be reading: an erotic story, a whimsical book on sexuality, or maybe her own novella..... I will never know.
This got me thinking about things that I find sexy: smart girls/guys, well kept feet, toes are oh so sexy, neck and shoulders, belly buttons, curves, how a girl wiggles her panties down to her ankles when taking them off, glasses, READING, body piercing, tattoos, cooking together, eating, feeding each other, smiles, touching-skin on skin, kissing, flirting, silliness, etc. 

If you feel the same way, please add to my list in the comment section:

Do you think I should have approached her?


Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Best Aneros Session Yet!

Ok, so last night I am using 1 of my 3 models of the Aneros prostate Massager, the progasm. I went about my usual routine: get naked, relax, lube it up and inset; I then relax for 15-20m without doing anything except maybe watch porn, surf the net for porn or read erotica. I have been using these toys for about 18mos and my experiences have been nothing short of amazing. I have not been lucky enough to experience a "Super O", but the "mini o's" are just as nice.

So, back to my midnight self-sexscapade. My horniness level was off the charts and from the second I inserted it, I was losing my mind with pleasure. The "mini o's" happened quickly (the best way to describe this feeling is to imagine your whole body with the sensations of goosebumps, and right where your pubic bone lies you feel the most intense pleasure coming from the prostate, and as you are contracting your anal muscle your prostate sends waves after waves of these sensations throughout you body-Absolute Bliss!

These "mini o" sensations continued for about a good 30 minutes; then all of a sudden my whole body started convulsing, shaking and coupled with the "mini o" vibes, I was heading into uncharted territory. I have not been to this level yet, and if this is a the next step in the quest for the holy grail of orgasms then all I can say is, 'I am scared of the big one....LOL"!  This combination of sensual-effects went on for a solid 5 minutes straight.

I became so aroused that I could not relax anymore and I lost my orgasmic state. I tried relaxing and breathing deeply, but all was lost. It is OK, because I reached a new level and broke a plateau -even thought this level has been so enjoyable by itself. I resorted to leaving in the aneros and using my
Fleshlight to finish myself off. This was absolutely amazing!

To all the guys out there they may be readin
g this. If anal play freaks you out because you may feel "gay", you have no idea what you are missing, and I feel sad that you are depriving yourself of this pleasure. If you still decide not to try this, then at least look at buying a fleshlight masturbator...THERE IS NOTHING GAY ABOUT THIS.....LOL! It truly comes close to feeling like the real thing. If you suffer from premature ejaculation, want better control or just a good fuck toy, then buy this, you will thank me.

Ciao for now,

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Erotic Drivel

Ciao Everyone,

Last night I went out with some friends to a few different bar-lounges around the city. In the last one a certain someone caught my eye, but unfortunately she was taken. What sparked my interest was that she was wearing a collar, a symbol of a D/s relationship which symbolizes she was enslaved to the women she was with, her Mistress. This was a very discreet and sexy collar with a small lock. Very Very Sexy! Anyway, this got me thinking about a fantasy that I've had, and have not had the opportunity to live out.

My fantasy has always been, to be with my Mistress in a public place like a Barnes and Noble or Starbucks, and I am collared like the girl I saw last night. I would be sitting on a comfy couch waiting for Her to return with our coffees. While I am waiting, I would happen to look up and notice an attractive girl starring at me, smiling, and touching her collar to show me that she knows we are both people whom are sexually enslaved to another person; I smile back, then we would return to reading our books or magazines.

My Mistress comes back and asks, "why are you smiling", I reply, "there is a girl across from us that is wearing a collar, and we both exchanged a knowing glance at each other". At this point her Mistress arrives with their coffees, and the slave-girl proceeds to point our way and smile.

We decide to head over and introduce ourselves. After a few seconds we are invited to join them, and our mistresses begin talking to each other, while we sit like two of the best behaved children. They both lean over and say, "how would you guys like to have a play date?" We smile and say, "yes!".

About a week later we get together at their place: a beautiful city loft with a hidden playroom. We are having some wine and getting to know each other, when her Mistress says, "how about we teach "Jane" to use her dominant side on marcello"; my Mistress nods her head with an approving smile.

At this point i am stripped, collared and restrained by my wrists to an overhead bar, and my ankles to a spreader bar attached to the floor। All of this is performed by jane under the instruction of our Owners। She then gently places nipple clamps on me and begins to flog me. Softly at first because of her timid nature - she is commanded to do it harder. The mistresses are still not satisfied with her performance, so they strip her, expose her bottom and begin flogging her in tandem. Her ass cheeks growing redder on each smack of her skin, and myself growing more aroused by the moment. Finally, they feel she has learned her lesson. They turn and see me with a full erection and order jane to get the paddle, and teach me a lesson for getting hard without their permission. I am paddled to my ass is glowing red and the pain is almost unbearable. "Good job", they say, and then order her to get the strap-ons.

I am released and commanded to get on my knees, and to place the harnesses on each of them (I have always found this to be one of the most erotic experiences-strapping on a plastic cock on a women). Jane is now ordered to put a spreader bar on my ankles and cuff my wrists behind my back. She then lubes up her new cock and inserts it in my ass. She grabs my wrist restraints with one hand and pushes me down to doggy style with the other. She begins thrusting away, and really getting off on the power exchange. The other two mistresses now approach me and order me to suck their cocks; I am told to get them nice and wet so when its their turn, they will slide in with ease. All three take their turns on me, and I am ordered to rim their asses while the other is reaming mine. After they feel satisfied, they sit on the couch and order me to crawl over and eat their pussy's to each one orgasms into an exhausted state. I am raging hard through all of this, but not allowed to touch myself.

The two Mistresses say to jane, "what she would do with him". Jane replies, "let him sit there and suffer, while he stares at our naked bodies". The two laugh and say, "oh no we created a monster". Jane giggles! Her mistress then orders her to give me a hand job, which only takes a few strokes because of how turned on I am. Jane then turns to them and says, "look at the mess he made in my hand, he is a bad boy, and I want him to clean my hand with his mouth"......our Mistresses are pleased with janes creativity, and allow her to follow through with her order. I obeyed, and ate up every drop of my cum off her fingers; she kissed me on my forehead and said, "now you are a good boy".

So, that is one of my fantasies. I have done everything in it, but not in that context. Hope you enjoyed it, I am just starting to write erotically, and I know that future posts will be better. *Smile*

Ciao for now, and enjoy your sunday afternoon.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Sexual Evolution:

Ciao Everyone

This is my first blog, and as you read on, you will realize it is a continuation of my "About Me".

So, what led me to become the sexual person I am today. My first sexual feelings came at a very early age, I was 9 or 10 years old and I was at my older girl cousin's house. They were playing and sticking there feet in my face and saying, "smell, smell". That was the first time I felt anything sexual. This most likely created the fascination I have with the beauty of a woman's feet, and most likely contributed to my submissive nature. I am not a shoe sniffing freak..LOL (although there is nothing wrong with that), but instead find beauty in this part of female anatomy, and enjoy giving foot rubs, sucking on toes, and within the context of BDSM, foot worship.

Masturbation soon happened following that experience। At about 15 I realized that I also enjoyed anal play. Through out my teen years I experimented solo: with touching, fingers and small objects. I felt it was taboo, but didn't care, it felt good. 

Then, when I was in my early twenties I was dj-ing at a nightclub in NYC and met a girl who was a cage dancer. She was so beautiful, sexy (body piercings, jet black hair, platform boots etc.), at this time in my life I had, and still do love this look(I unfortunately had to remove mine due to the professional nature of my job). We flirted, wound up back at her apartment and she turned out to be a a Semi-Professional Domme. She bound me to her bed posts and had her way with me with a strap-on. This led to a two year relationship that was absolutely amazing: strap-on play, dominance, submission, anything and everything; it was a very sensual dynamic, not sadistic. I am a person who wants to worship a woman and be rewarded for it, not beaten senseless, but spanking and flogging have there place also *insert smile*. This experience allowed me to grow so much, and I am so thankful to Her for it; she is one of my best friends still to this day.

Fast Forward a few years, same situation: I met a girl in a nightclub, started kissing her and thinking to myself....I want her right now and I don't care if the whole club watches, but we wound up back at her place. Clothes are flying off and all of a sudden there it was, a cock. Oh boy was I startled and nervous; I really had no idea! Suffice it to say, I stayed, and I had one of the most incredible sexual experiences of my life. We dated for a few months and then she moved to the west coast. Once again, I want to thank her for helping grow into the person I am today. 

However, the experience led to a lot of questions about my sexuality. I was not sure what to think or feel about myself. Thankfully, I have friends whom are gay and bisexual, and they helped me come to some realizations. Eventually, I came to a conclusion that I am a straight, very open minded and sexually open person, and that I had no attraction to men, but loved transexuals and strap-on/anal play. I began reading books about: male sexuality, prostate pleasure etc; I bought anal toys, including an Aneros prostate massager (3 to be exact; Helix, MGX and Progasm). In all of my subsequent relationships I've had no inhibitions about making it known how much I love anal play. There has been many girls and one more transexual girl, and only one girl was freaked out, her loss. I also have enjoyed the BDSM scene alot, and anything and everything relating to sex and learning more about sex.

Furthermore, throughout this time period, the question, "am I gay", still arose in my mind. There was never any mental anguish about it, only curiosity. Thinking back there was sometimes in my life when if one thing led to another, I would have probably tried it. I always have hung out in gay/slightly mixed night clubs, and have been hit on a lot, but never followed through, although I always loved the attention. I always said, "sorry I am st8". I have been asked if I was gay/bisexual, but always gave the same response. Most of my friends always thought I was crazy. I have not hidden anything about my sexual past, and I always tell my friends, "come on have your wife/gf just stick her finger in there, or lick there, you will cum like you never have before". Some have tried, some think I am crazy...LOL!

Lastly, a week before this christmas a friend gave me a book to read. The book was Soma by Kemble Scott. Awesome read! Anyway, in the book one of the main characters, who is straight, gets involved with a man(ironic). While reading this book I became so turned on. Oh no, more weird feelings! "Not this time", I said to myself. I realized I am bisexual and proud of it. This didn't happen just from reading that book. I bought some bisexual porn recently and I loved it. I have only  told a few select friends(GLB), whom all said they knew, but didn't want to pressure me, they wanted it to happen more natural.  One of these friends gave me that book. Thank you!! 

One final note. I am writing this blog because, after reading the Pleasure Happens blog, I found Essin' Em's blog. She opened me up to a new term, pansexual. I like this term! I am attracted to all people, all sexes, and there is more than two. Reading her blog has made me want to start my own. Like her, I have always had an interest in human sexuality, she is pursuing a degree in it....Bravo!!  
Thank you!

That is it for now,