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2.19 Is Special To Me

2.19 Is the day that Andrea and I met. It is a bittersweet day—I miss her and us, but love the day that we met. When the 19th rolls around I usually become very introspective for the day. I lay around naked, listen to music, read, write, wait to talk to her and reminisce over [...]

hApPy hAlF-nEkKiD tHuRsDaY

So I bought some new Ginch Gonch Undies. I love these, they feel and look like Underoos—takes me back to childhood.

I freakin luv you guys,

A Week in The Life of My Tweets!

Happy Monday fellow Tweeters! #
Morning All! #
If you have been to my blog over the last 2 days - It is down and should be up by tonight of tomorrow. Moving to WP has been a little shaky. #
@brendajos should be. I forgot about Friday Wood. May have to start that up again. in reply [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day To You & Blogiversary, HNTiversary To Me!

 Hello everyone!
This is my first post in my new home on wordpress. I am still working on transferring data and adding my own header—in  a few day it will be perfetto.
This is also a special post for me because about one year ago today I posted my first HNT photo and a only a few [...]

Welcome To My New Home!

I am in the process of moving the my blog. Please be patient. There will be no HNT this week and by the end of the weekend all should be finished.