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Ciao Everyone,

Last night I went out with some friends to a few different bar-lounges around the city. In the last one a certain someone caught my eye, but unfortunately she was taken. What sparked my interest was that she was wearing a collar, a symbol of a D/s relationship which symbolizes she was enslaved to the women she was with, her Mistress. This was a very discreet and sexy collar with a small lock. Very Very Sexy! Anyway, this got me thinking about a fantasy that I’ve had, and have not had the opportunity to live out.

My fantasy has always been, to be with my Mistress in a public place like a Barnes and Noble or Starbucks, and I am collared like the girl I saw last night. I would be sitting on a comfy couch waiting for Her to return with our coffees. While I am waiting, I would happen to look up and notice an attractive girl starring at me, smiling, and touching her collar to show me that she knows we are both people whom are sexually enslaved to another person; I smile back, then we would return to reading our books or magazines.

My Mistress comes back and asks, “why are you smiling”, I reply, “there is a girl across from us that is wearing a collar, and we both exchanged a knowing glance at each other”. At this point her Mistress arrives with their coffees, and the slave-girl proceeds to point our way and smile.

We decide to head over and introduce ourselves. After a few seconds we are invited to join them, and our mistresses begin talking to each other, while we sit like two of the best behaved children. They both lean over and say, “how would you guys like to have a play date?” We smile and say, “yes!”.

About a week later we get together at their place: a beautiful city loft with a hidden playroom. We are having some wine and getting to know each other, when her Mistress says, “how about we teach “Jane” to use her dominant side on marcello”; my Mistress nods her head with an approving smile.

At this point i am stripped, collared and restrained by my wrists to an overhead bar, and my ankles to a spreader bar attached to the floor? All of this is performed by jane under the instruction of our Owners? She then gently places nipple clamps on me and begins to flog me. Softly at first because of her timid nature - she is commanded to do it harder. The mistresses are still not satisfied with her performance, so they strip her, expose her bottom and begin flogging her in tandem. Her ass cheeks growing redder on each smack of her skin, and myself growing more aroused by the moment. Finally, they feel she has learned her lesson. They turn and see me with a full erection and order jane to get the paddle, and teach me a lesson for getting hard without their permission. I am paddled to my ass is glowing red and the pain is almost unbearable. “Good job”, they say, and then order her to get the strap-ons.

I am released and commanded to get on my knees, and to place the harnesses on each of them (I have always found this to be one of the most erotic experiences-strapping on a plastic cock on a women). Jane is now ordered to put a spreader bar on my ankles and cuff my wrists behind my back. She then lubes up her new cock and inserts it in my ass. She grabs my wrist restraints with one hand and pushes me down to doggy style with the other. She begins thrusting away, and really getting off on the power exchange. The other two mistresses now approach me and order me to suck their cocks; I am told to get them nice and wet so when its their turn, they will slide in with ease. All three take their turns on me, and I am ordered to rim their asses while the other is reaming mine. After they feel satisfied, they sit on the couch and order me to crawl over and eat their pussy’s to each one orgasms into an exhausted state. I am raging hard through all of this, but not allowed to touch myself.

The two Mistresses say to jane, “what she would do with him”. Jane replies, “let him sit there and suffer, while he stares at our naked bodies”. The two laugh and say, “oh no we created a monster”. Jane giggles! Her mistress then orders her to give me a hand job, which only takes a few strokes because of how turned on I am. Jane then turns to them and says, “look at the mess he made in my hand, he is a bad boy, and I want him to clean my hand with his mouth”……our Mistresses are pleased with janes creativity, and allow her to follow through with her order. I obeyed, and ate up every drop of my cum off her fingers; she kissed me on my forehead and said, “now you are a good boy”.

So, that is one of my fantasies. I have done everything in it, but not in that context. Hope you enjoyed it, I am just starting to write erotically, and I know that future posts will be better. *Smile*

Ciao for now, and enjoy your sunday afternoon.


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