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The Steam Room - An Erotic Tale

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So, I am walking in to spin class and mumbling under my breathe, “why do I put myself through this agony?”Because you want to keep that ass of yours in shape”, I hear from a voice behind me. 

I turn to see a guy about 5′11, 200lbs all muscle, not that overly muscular guy, but the perfect swimmers build. He had jet black hair and eyes, natural tan colored skin and a nice smile. He was hot! We grabbed a couple of spin bikes and fell in line next to each other.

“I’m Rob.” 

“Hi, Rob, I’m Marcello, nice to meet you.” 


Tracy, the spin instructor comes over and says,”OK Marcello, show me the stuff.” I bend over so she can spank my ass in a playful manner. 

“What was that about?” asked Rob. 

“Well, a few weeks ago I was in spin class for the first time and I was not going along with the class due to a cramp in my calf. She yelled, “No slackers allowed in here.” When the class finished, she came over, and I explained to her that I am getting over a knee injury and I had a cramp in my upper calf. She replied by saying she was sorry for disciplining me like that.  I say, “No worries, I enjoy being disciplined.” She smiled, and when I turned around, she spanked my ass..LOL. Now it is a pre-spin ritual.”

“Kinky”, Rob said in a sexy voice while winking at me.

The class begins and I am thinking to myself, is he into me - it is hard to tell because my gym is mostly comprised of straight people, or those who keep their sexual preferences to themselves. The class begins and we are pedaling away. The class is progressing and I am getting all these filthy, dirty images in my head of Rob and I entwined in every imaginable sex act known to man, while sweating our asses off in the steam room.

45 minutes of BDSM on a bike seat is finally over, and I say, “bye” to Rob, and head towards the lockers. 

Sitting in the steam room, eyes closed and fantasizing about my new friend, I hear the door open, it’s Rob. 

 (Everything up till here was true…. 
the rest is exactly what was going through my mind while I was sitting in the steam room.)


“What’s going on, Rob?”

“I figured I would relax a while before work, you mind if I join you?” “No, not at all.”

Rob, sits down and removes his towel to expose his naked flesh. I can not help but look - Wow he is sexy!

“Marcello, you have a great body, if you don’t mind me saying.” “No, and you do also”, I reply.

“MarcelIo, I hate to sound too forward, but there really is no other way of asking this. Are you gay/bi/str8?”


“Well, I think you are hot, and I feel that you may be into me also. Am I wrong?”

“No, I have been fantasizing about you since the beginning of that spin class.”

“Me too”, says Rob with that gorgeous smile.

Rob heads over towards me and he pulls my towel apart, and we begin kissing and touching each other’s chests. We are completely naked, flesh on flesh, sweaty and horny, and both completely rock hard.

I reach down and grab Rob’s cock in my hand and begin stroking it. He pushes me back down to the seat and puts his leg up on the bench. I lean in and wrap my mouth around his beautiful flesh.

“Oh God that feels so good”, gasps Rob, while moaning. 

We are both startled when we hear the first door to the steam room open. Rob and I grab our towels and move apart. Tracy, the spin instructor enters and gives us both a weird look.

“You boys alright in here?”

“Yeah, were ok, why?”, Rob and I reply nervously jumbling our words together. 

“Well, you boys look a little flustered, like I might of walked in on something that I shouldn’t have. And if I did, I just want you to know, I think bi-guys are fucking hot!”

I swallow, and look at Rob. He gets up and moves towards me and I drop my towel, grab tracy and open her Robe. The three of us are now exploring each others bodies, and looking at each other with animalistic lust. 

“This is so hot”, says Tracy. She then drops her robe to the floor and grabs the back of my head and Rob’s and pushes us together so we can kiss. Tracy joins in and we are engaged in tongue threesome. She moves back to the tile bench, sits down, spreads her legs, and begins playing with herself.

“I want you guys to go back to where you were before I came in.” 

I sit down and Rob move towards me, he puts his leg back up on the bench and I take his cock in my mouth. I begin sucking and stroking him while playing with his balls. Rob grabs the back of my head and starts fucking my mouth.

We form a natural rhythm, while I am squeezing Rob’s ass, and he is thrusting into my throat.

“Stop and come over here”, says Tracy. We obey. 

“Marcello, I want you on your back so I can sit on your face while Rob and I suck your cock.”

Tracy has a very curvy body and her ass is just a round delicious work of art. She sits on my face and grinds down and says, “eat my ass and do it well, and I might let you taste my pussy.” I get right to work and Tracy is enjoying every minute of it. “Ok, Marcello you are a good boy, you may taste me, and I want to come, so do a good job!”

Rob and Tracy are devouring me and I am in heaven. The intensity of their mouths at the same time was too much to handle and I guess I stopped pleasing Tracy. “Did I tell you to stop”, says Tracy in a stern voice. “No” I reply. “Then, apologize, call me Mistress and beg for it,” she says. 

“I am sorry Mistress Tracy, please allow me to finish my job and make you come.” 

Tracy gets off of my face and sits down, orders Rob to go to his locker to get some condoms if he has, which he does.

“Marcello, on your knees, when Rob gets back he is going to fuck you, and do it well.” 

I kneel down in front of her and start kissing and licking her pussy. Rob returns, condom on and gently begins inserting himself into my ass. I relax as he pushes, I relax some more and he pushes in fully. He just stays there and allows me to get used to him inside me.  He then grips my hips and starts thrusting. 

I insert two fingers into Tracy and and hit her g-spot. I am bringing her to the brink of orgasm while Rob is still pounding away.

“OMG, I cumming” Tracy screams. Tracy starts squirting loads of delicious juice all over my face. “OMG, that has never happened to me before”, she says. She grabs a condom and puts it on me and I enter her. 

Tracy, Rob and I, are now locked in a sexual sandwich, with me the filling. Rob leans on my back and bites the back of my ear and then says, “tell me when you are going to cum, so we can do it together.” 

I scream, “Rob, I’m going to cum!” 

Tracy says,” cum on my face”. Rob and I pull out, take our condoms off and cum all over Tracy’s face. I lean over grab the back of Rob’s head and kiss him. Tracy, says “what about me.” Rob and I kiss Tracy with our hot sticky cum all over her face. 

“Now that is what I’m talking about”, she says. We collapsed in exhaustion and just lied there for a few minutes before Rob and I hit the showers and Tracy left.

“I wonder what the next spin class will be like”, says Rob.

I laugh and smile.

Hope you enjoyed it,


10 comments to The Steam Room - An Erotic Tale

  • Ms. Lily

    ok that was hot and now I’m a little hot and bothered.

  • Blissfully Wed

    That was a great read. I love how it started as fact and then moved on to fiction.

    I’m half considering signing up for a spin class. ;)

  • curiousgirl

    *fans self*…damn that was incredible…i got so aroused just reading that…


  • D

    DAMN that was deliciously hot!!! your intense writing definitely got me aroused super late at night!

  • Curvaceous Dee

    Hmm. If the gym was really that fun I’d consider going!

    Great story, Marcello :)

    xx Dee

  • Raven in NYC (aka Mark)

    Damnit, there is a reason I shouldn’t read blogs at work. Now all I can think about is going to the gym at lunch.

    I’ll join your spin class any day!

  • Felipe Gordon

    I´ve found a very interesting blog!!1 Yours!!!

    Visit mine (Cox`s blog)

    E ti piace LAURA PASINI come me (And U like Laura Pausini like I do!!!)


    See u

    (I can speak English, dont worry even though Im native speaker of Spanish)

  • Charlie


  • Rambeau

    Oh, I certainly did enjoy it. You make some meaty sandwich filling!

  • Dave Evans


    I loved this story mate - I’m just about to start getting back to swimming every day (new pool opens tomorrow) and that scenario sounds pretty hot.

    I did have a steamroom threesome a few years back - it is one of the first posts on my blog.

    I was wondering if I could share your fantasy with readers of my blog?


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