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Sex Toy Review of The Rude Boy For Babeland

Websters dictionary defines rude as, lacking refinement or delicacy; uncivilized, savage, vulga, robust, sturdy, occurring abruptly and disconcertingly. The Rude Boy is all of those, but only in the best way possible. He is my new best friend - I’m not joking!!!

I have been engaging in anal play for probably the larger part of my life, and in my quest for the “Holy Grail Of Orgasms”, I have come across many products; some that work very well and others that don’t. Most prostate massagers have a meet and greet period - “Hello prostate meet ‘X’ toy”, then relax for 15min, breathe, concentrate and get to know each other.

Well, let me tell you this. The Rude Boy entered my home, then my ass, made himself very comfortable with no introductions, and went straight to work. The p-waves started coming quickly, faster and more intense.

For those of you unfamiliar with prostate terms, at the end of this review is a crash course by me.

Back to my experience. After a few minutes I began stimulating my nipples and then - blast off. My whole body began convulsing, and the p-waves were traveling from my scalp to my toes. I screamed, and loud - “OMG, holy shit”. This Super O was the best I have ever experienced, and I owe it all to Babeland and The Rude Boy. This orgasm lasted for about 20 minutes and ended in hands-free ejaculation.

OK! Onto the product details. What do I feel makes the Rude Boy standout above the other p-spot massagers I have used. It’s flexible design is perfect. Although we like to think that we’re all created the same, we aren’t, and each person’s anatomy has subtle differences - the giving design of the Rude Boy helps with that hurdle. Also, the bendable design and soft silicone sheath will allow you to use it in a seated position if you prefer, with no discomfort. Very, very important.

The size of the perineum attachment is rather wide, which is great because it allows the toy to encompass a large enough area, so if you are slightly off from where you should be, it is ok. On top of that it vibrates. The RO-80mm vibrating bullet just plain and simple rocks. It is quiet enough, variable speed and simply perfect.

Lastly, The Rude Boy just happens to be 100% waterproof so you can take your new friend in the tub and make your rubber ducky jealous. I have not used it in an aquatic situation yet, but when I do I promise to share the experience with you.

In conclusion, The Rude Boy is a 5 Star toy -”absolute perfection.” It is definitely not a beginners toy, but if you are daring enough, I feel first time users could with patience make quicker progress with this toy over some of the other “beginner” massagers. As with all toys, make sure to clean first with soapy warm water before and after use. Always use a water based lubricant, be safe and have fun.

My Advice take it or leave it!

A lot of people give up quickly when it comes to prostate massagers because they are expecting a mind blowing experience the first time they use one. Is that possible? Yes, but very rare. It took me a few times to get acquainted with my first toy, but it was well worth the journey. For those whom engage in anal play already, but have not actually tried to orgasm in this manner, need to realize, like I did, that this is different. It will pay off with patience, I promise. With that promise comes this - I feel since I am reviewing and lovingly endorsing this product for Babeland, and as your sex-toy reviewer it is my responsibility and my pleasure to answer any questions you may have about this product, it’s use, concerns, or advice on how to bring the use of this toy or type of play up with your partner. Whatever the question, email me and I will respond as soon as possible.

I am also going to try and post some pics of the toy in use. It was my intention to do that last night, but I was swept off my feet so quickly and rudely - LOL, that I did not have a chance.

love ya,
Marcello’s Crash Course On Prostate Terminology 101

P- Wave - Can be described as goosebumps and tingles that are felt at the pubic bone, perineum and inside the anal cavity. As these pleasure waves become more intense they will begin to be felt throughout the whole body. This is the first sign that you are on the right track.

Super O - This is the “Holy Grail of Orgasms” - Whole body involuntary contractions and multiple hands free orgasms. This does not mean that you have to ejaculate, but at some point you most likely will.

Milking - Simply put - manual/mechanical stimulation of the prostate to produce a hands free orgasm with tons, repeat tons of ejaculate and prostatic fluid.

Perineum - The strip between the anal opening and the scrotum. I like to call it the ABC - Ass-Ball Connector.

Sweet Spot - This is a specific point on the perineum that the abutment tab of prostate massagers press on and stimulate. It takes practice, but I found a nice way to find this area is to lie down on your back, soles of feet touching and begin masturbating. Reach under your testicles and rub/press on your perineum in various places, until you eventually hit a spot that is very pleasurable to the touch. This is your sweet spot. Men, let me tell you this, once you find this spot your sex life will never be the same again. It equates to the area outside of the prostate. I can make my self orgasm just by using an hitachi wand on it, but this take practice “Young Luke”…LOL.

K-Tab - Some toys have a Kundalini attachment that presses on a spot above the anal opening towards the base of the spine. This sends pleasurable waves through out the body, and is also rooted in tantric practices.

Awakening of the prostate - After continued practice you may become more aware of your prostate, and you may experience p-waves randomly from time to time.

Rules of Prostate Massage: 1. Make sure your rectum is completely empty. 2. Use plenty of lube. If you think you used enough - use more; it helps make the toy mobile. 3. Relax, Breathe, Concentrate 4. Always buy from Babeland by clicking below.


10 comments to Sex Toy Review of The Rude Boy For Babeland

  • curiousgirl

    super review!…my favorite was the little terminology lesson at the end…i have known more than a few men who were so curious yet hesitant to find things out…i love how you make things seem non-threatening and “educational”…i even showed it to a friend of mine and he loved what you had to say…

    we’ll see if he makes his own stop by here sometime hehehe


  • Wendy Blackheart

    Lol, last time I was in babeland,I was looking at that for myself. (You men have some of the coolest butt toys) I’m thinking the way its built, it might hit my g-spot through my ass, and that is always a Good. Thing.

  • MarcelloNYC

    cg ~ Thank you. That is what I ope most people get out my reviews.

    Wendy ~ I used to say the same thing about women’s toys, but toys from men have come such a long way in the last few years - woo hoo!!

  • badbadgirl

    Awesome review!! I find myself obsessed with watching the hands free orgasms. Any pictures of that???

  • Thursday's Child

    Truly excellent review! I’ve got the girl’s version, the Rockchick, but though we’d talked about getting the Rude Boy for D, we hadn’t really read any conclusive reviews. I think we’ll be picking this up for him - and I loved the glossary of terms at the end!

  • Narration by D

    I know what I’m gonna get for my birthday, Whoohoo. Thank God for the G-spot, and Thank you Marcello!

  • Narration by D

    I almost want to order one, but Marcello, I need some pics of you showing how it works. ;)

  • madambutterfly

    Thank you for writing this review. I have been looking for a new anal toy for hubby for Father’s day.. I also have a man elsewhere in my life that is anal curious at the moment. He gets turned on when I even mention anal play. I emailed him a link to your blog. This was a great post..

    Kisses and hugs!

  • Sex Toys

    Thank you for such an interesting post!

  • Dildo-adultsextoys

    Awesome review!! I find myself obsessed with watching the hands free orgasms.Sex toys is good for womens.

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