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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jane's Guide - Review of My Blog

Thank you Vamp and Janes's Guide for the very appreciated review.


This blog is written by Marcello, a thirty-something pansexual male from New York. Can I just say that I adore this guy? He writes about his sexuality, which includes a submissive nature. He talks openly and honestly about his foot fetish, love of anal play, and exploration of his own fluid sexuality. One of the most wonderful things about this blog, however, is his discussion of non-sexual male intimacy and vulnerability. Here is one of my favorite things that he wrote, "My point being - as men we have a right to make sure our friends are Ok - mentally, physically and sexually...We need to get to the point in our male-male friendships where sensitivity and openness between us is not perceived as weird, but healthy." That is fabulous! All this sound and sensitive commentary, and nice naked pictures to boot. What is there to complain about? Great blog! - Vamp

Date Reviewed: 2008-06-12"

Luv you and much thanks again,


Lady Sascha said...

Woohoo! Congratulations on the great review! One day when My baby blog is a little older, I will (hopefully) have enough courage to submit it + My site to Jane's Guide. And I do agree with their review here, it's a great blog :-D

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