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                        - Marcel Proust

Monday, June 23, 2008

Leather Pride Night

So, I went to LPN @ Splash this weekend, and I had so much, I mean SO MUCH fun. I volunteered to work the door with Michael, a really sweet guy that I met that night. I really enjoyed greeting all the sexy people coming in, and getting to be one of the first to welcome them to the party. I love meeting new people, and when those individuals are so happy and proud to be who they are, it makes me proud to be who I am and part of this wonderful community - thank you Lolita for the opportunity.

Wendy and Sakura tried to tie me in a chest harness, but there wasn't enough of rope for my impressive physique...LOL! So, we opted for gauntlets on my arms, which were so damn sexy I did not want to take them off.  While I was being tied a lot of men stopped and tried to get me to loose some clothing. I am not shy by any means, but I opted to stay clothed, and now I kind of regret it. If it was blasting house music and disco balls I would have been skin to the wind baby, but the leather was intimidating me a little bit - LOL. 

The bartenders were beyond good looking, they were HOT! There was this one guy working the bar downstairs that literally made me drool - I am definitely going back to try and hook up with him!

Afterwards we went for some food with Escapade, Sascha and P. ....all great people and can not wait to hangout with them again.

All in all, I had a great time and can not wait to next year.

Luv ya,



Lolita said...

Marcello, I am so glad that you had a good time and that you liked volunteering for an hour. I'll ask you to do it again next year!

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