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Monday, June 9, 2008

Why do you Love "The City" So Much(with a twist to the story)??

Sunday afternoon I was at a BBQ/Christening and one of my oldest friends asked me this, "why do you love 'the city' and hate Staten Island so much." I gave him this response.

First, I do not hate Staten Island, I just prefer not to live here. Before moving to Atlanta I lived in Hoboken, then the lower east side, and now after moving back, I jumped at an offer for a free apartment in my parents house. It enabled me to get on my feet, save some money, and give me time to look for what I really want. Plus I was also working on the island. 

Second, Staten Island is the evil stepchild of the five boroughs, cut off from the city because of a non-direct route of entry. There is no one way to enter Manhattan. It is either a bus or train, then the ferry followed by a train again depending on where you are headed. Driving is two bridges or a bridge and tunnel. It is a borough ruled by driving, and I do not want to own a car anymore. I want to be able to use the MTA ($150 month on insurance + $300mo. car payment and $80/wk for gas = $770 for me, and I am helping out the environment).  

Third, Manhattan has variety, it is lively, open 24hrs and it is where most of my friends live except you and a few others who moved to Jersey and I never get to see unless it is an occasion like this. I just love the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, and Brooklyn where I work now. It is nice seeing people walking up and down streets, Staten Island loses that and....

Friend: Cuts me off and said, "Yeah, but ya know they are all freaks and fags in the kinda have those gay mannerisms about you too."

Me: "Well that would make sense since I am bisexual and hang out with 'freaks and fags'."

Friend: "What the fuck?"

Me: "Problem?"

Friend: "No, but are you serious?"

Me: "Yes!"

Friend: "I am sorry for the fag comment, you know I didn't mean it like that."

Me: "Well then how did you mean it?"

Friend: "I don't know, it is just something I say.... I don't know, can we just forget about it."

Me: "Sure, but in the future think about what you say before you say it, you can not take back words once they are said."

Friend: "Honestly, I am sorry."

Me: "Ok." 

We hug it out in that straight guy, pat on the back, ass sticking out kind of way. I then see him walk over to his wife, they chat, she is shaking her head at him as she walks over to me.

Friend's Wife: "He's an asshole, are you ok?"

Me: "Yes, but please don't make a big deal about it."

Friend's Wife: "Does everyone here know?"

Me: "No, I have been telling people as questions are asked, or if they find out on their own." 

Friend's Wife: "You know I love you, right?"

Me: "Of Course!"

Friend's Wife: "You know he likes me sticking things in his ass."

Me: "That's fantastic!"

Friend's Wife: "You think he is gay? It started after your Christmas gift of that book by Violet Blue - we thought it was a gag gift, but you were serious with it....huh."

Me: laughing "You know, whatever, but seriously it is healthy and it does not make him gay."

Friend's Wife: "Call me if you need to talk ever, we never see each other anymore."

Me: " I will, love you too."

So, that was my Sunday afternoon along with a few remarks about the bite marks on my left anterior shoulder and the hickey on my left trapezius." Fun Saturday!

Fun Sunday! I am curious to see how long before I hear from him. 



Blissfully Wed said...

You're awesome. Thanks for sharing that.

badbadgirl said...

Good for you baby!!

Vixen said...

Oh. Well. Interesting Sunday.

I hope you do hear from him. Classic moment of him sticking his foot in his mouth. I hope you guys move past it fine.


Wendy Blackheart said...

hahahaha. I love that. "You know he likes me sticking things in his ass!"


MarcelloNYC said...

Thanks everyone.

No phone call yet.

Ms. Lily said...

I'm sure the phone call will come. He just needs to get over his own embarrassment of how he handled himself in the situation.

Raven in NYC (aka Mark) said...

Ok, wow. Interesting Sunday indeed. Fucking hysterical in one way.

But the whole thing is kinda sad in a way. Sad that he is so rigid and limited while in private moments apparently he's gotten past that. Here's hoping he can take the healthy side of him that exists in private and apply is outward. But you get tons of credit for handling it with class and ease.

p.s. Did you give them Violet Blue's Couples Guide to Strap-on Sex?

MarcelloNYC said...

Raven (Mark)

Yes, I bought like 5 copies of her book and gave them as X'mas gifts to the most vanilla of my friends.

Their faces when opening it were priceless.

BTExpress said...

That's a funny story. You handled it perfectly. His wife's comment was priceless. I wonder if she told him she told that?

Don't be surprised if he doesn't call you. That's a very rough thing he said and he may not know how to handle talking to you.

I always have a great time when I go into the City, so can understand why you like it so much. But it's too noisy for me and the taxes are ridiculous. Besides, I love the quiet little town I live in here on the Island.

curiousgirl said...

that was awesome...sometimes those moments are the ones that take your breath away...and other times those are the moments that you take your breath right back and own it...


jd said...

She says "You know he likes me sticking things in his ass," and you reply "That's fantastic!"


Everybody should have a friend like you.

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