The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
                        - Marcel Proust

Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Morning Wood

Woke up horny and with wood. 

So I decided to start the day off right by watching some porn on the computer, and doing what comes naturally.


Luv you guys,

[February 19–March 20] The world's oldest penises are 400 million years old. Discovered in Scotland in 2001, they're part of the fossilized remains of an arachnid species known as daddy longlegs. In reporting their find, the paleontologists marveled that the reproductive organ was two-thirds the size of the entire creature. Let's make this ancient genital a power symbol for you, Pisces. (If you prefer, you can focus on the 400-million-year-old daddy-longlegs vaginas that were also found.) I hope it inspires you to reconnect to the primal purity of your original erotic urges.


Ms. Lily said...

TGIF, Looking delicious today!

I think I'd rather focus on your penis than one that is 400 million years old, Thank You. lol But, my knight and I do go primal on each other often.


Bad Bad Girl said...

Good morning beautiful....

Wendy Blackheart said...

That is the weirdest horoscope I've ever read.

marcellonyc said...

I am shocked nobody commented about the gay porn on the computer LOL!

Ms. Lily said...

Why would I care about what was on your computer screen, I was too busy looking at what popped up on mine!

And, yes obviously I have come back for another glance or two...

Lilly said...

Can I send you a Clone-a-Willy kit? That looks like the perfect g-spot curve.... ;)

Oh and it's not obvious that that's gay porn. I can barely tell that's an ass! (is it?)

Bad Bad Girl said...

The gay porn was not totally clear- but I wondered. I love gay porn. Love love love it.

And hey, I need a model for the clone-a-willy kit. Interested??

Ms. Lily said...

I didn't look at your computer that well, I was too busy looking at what had popped up on my mine. lol


Jill said...

And where do you get that horoscope?

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