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Trying To Understand Pain & Sexual Arousal, As Well As Unwanted Emotions From Certain Types Of Play

I was asked this question recently by Wendy, “what activities were Andrea and you into?” 

I had mentioned in previous posts that we had a very sensual dynamic to our play. We did not engage in things like CBT, humiliation, hitting, kicking or anything else that might be considered violent or torturous acts. Our activities were foot [...]

My Weekend Recap

That is a picture of my dog, Bailey that passed on in August -I missed him a lot this weekend.

Friday night I cooked a lovely dinner for Amanda and Desire. We ate, drank and learned so much about each other. One of the cutets things I have ever seen - is Desire’s room. Their apartment [...]


I love to kiss! 

In my opinion, the most intimate act two or more people can share, is the kiss. 

Kissing someone for the first time is a pleasure like no other.  Leaning in, turning your head, touching your lips, playfully kissing his/her bottom or upper lip, tongues dancing together, twinkles in your eyes, the wetness of [...]