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Nexus Vibro Review For Babeland

Hello my name is Marcello, and I’m an anal snob. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, so I’ve been told. My problem is that anal toys made specifically for men are getting so advanced that I feel my old favorites will soon be shipped off to the island of misfit toys.

The Nexus Vibro has [...]

Trying To Understand Pain & Sexual Arousal, As Well As Unwanted Emotions From Certain Types Of Play

I was asked this question recently by Wendy, “what activities were Andrea and you into?” 

I had mentioned in previous posts that we had a very sensual dynamic to our play. We did not engage in things like CBT, humiliation, hitting, kicking or anything else that might be considered violent or torturous acts. Our activities were foot [...]

A Writing Assignment: PII.a - The Dynamics Of Our D/s Relationship

Ciao Everyone

You can read P1: Our First Encounter here:

I thought that I would have 3 posts, but it looks like there will be 4 total, I, II.a, II.b, III.

Our relationship moved very fast; very very very fast! We moved in together pretty quickly and we did everything together. We were in an [...]

A Writing Assignment: P1 - Our First Encounter

The drawing is by Tyson Mcadoo. His art is amazing, check it out for yourself. This is the tattoo I am thinking of  getting on my right shoulder/arm, with a male in a collar at her feet, and shading around it. What do you think?
I just spoke with Mistress Andrea via IM in Paris - don’t [...]

Erotic Drivel

Ciao Everyone,
Last night I went out with some friends to a few different bar-lounges around the city. In the last one a certain someone caught my eye, but unfortunately she was taken. What sparked my interest was that she was wearing a collar, a symbol of a D/s relationship which symbolizes she was enslaved [...]