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The Jollie Review For Babeland

“A former medical industry designer sculpted the bulging shaft for optimal G-spot or prostate stimulation with minimal effort—and the ridges on the easy-grip handle target the clit or perineum with every slide in and out.” - Babeland

Truer words have never been spoken. The Jollie’s key to its success is its minimal effort needed to hit [...]

Prostate Massage Terminology 101

Marcello’s Crash Course On Prostate Massage Terminology 101
P- Wave - Can be described as goosebumps and tingles that are felt at the pubic bone, perineum and inside the anal cavity. As these pleasure waves become more intense they will begin to be felt throughout the whole body. This is the first sign that you are [...]

Sex Toy Review of The Rude Boy For Babeland

Websters dictionary defines rude as, lacking refinement or delicacy; uncivilized, savage, vulga, robust, sturdy, occurring abruptly and disconcertingly. The Rude Boy is all of those, but only in the best way possible. He is my new best friend - I’m not joking!!!
I have been engaging in anal play for probably the larger part of my [...]