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Saturday Night Fever: P2

So, I get to Amanda’s apartment and I am greeted not by her, but her very gorgeous roommate, Desire. She has blonde hair, green eyes, beautiful bronze skin, and stands about 5′9 in her heels. She was wearing tight jeans a sexy black shirt that said, “transexual” on it. I loved it. It was very [...]

The Steam Room - An Erotic Tale

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So, I am walking in to spin class and mumbling under my breathe, “why do I put myself through this agony?”Because you want to keep that ass of yours in shape”, I hear from a voice behind me. 

I turn to see a guy about 5′11, 200lbs all muscle, not that overly muscular guy, [...]

Saturday Night Fever

So, last night I was invited to be part of Miz Ava & Miss Cecilia’a internet talk show, Provocatalk. I had a great time, and I was able to talk about my sexuality, BDSM, Kinkiness etc., and I also helped answer some reader questions. It truly was a memorable experience and I am very thankful [...]

The Sweetest Fruit: An Ode to Cunninglingus

The sweetest fruit known to the world is the Vagina

The taste, the scent, the feel of these gentle folds, drive men and women crazy

First, I love to smell her scent

 I follow with a playful kiss, lick and a tug with my lips

I  grip her hips and press my mouth on the inside of her thighs 
I [...]

Erotic Drivel

Ciao Everyone,
Last night I went out with some friends to a few different bar-lounges around the city. In the last one a certain someone caught my eye, but unfortunately she was taken. What sparked my interest was that she was wearing a collar, a symbol of a D/s relationship which symbolizes she was enslaved [...]