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2.19 Is Special To Me

2.19 Is the day that Andrea and I met. It is a bittersweet day—I miss her and us, but love the day that we met. When the 19th rolls around I usually become very introspective for the day. I lay around naked, listen to music, read, write, wait to talk to her and reminisce over [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day To You & Blogiversary, HNTiversary To Me!

 Hello everyone!
This is my first post in my new home on wordpress. I am still working on transferring data and adding my own header—in  a few day it will be perfetto.
This is also a special post for me because about one year ago today I posted my first HNT photo and a only a few [...]

Why do you Love "The City" So Much(with a twist to the story)??

Sunday afternoon I was at a BBQ/Christening and one of my oldest friends asked me this, “why do you love ‘the city’ and hate Staten Island so much.” I gave him this response.

First, I do not hate Staten Island, I just prefer not to live here. Before moving to Atlanta I lived in Hoboken, then [...]

Andrea and I: The Not So Final Chapter

The first 4 parts of the series are here:
Part I, Part IIa, Part IIb, Part III.

This post has been a long time coming. These are the answers to a few emailed questions about my D/s relationship with Mistress Andrea, and why it ended if we still love each other so much.

I had mentioned in previous posts [...]

A Few Ruff Weeks, But I Am Back To Me!

So as I promised, I am writing this post to let you all know what has been happening in the life of Marcello.

After returning from Punta Cana on May 13th, my life was being pulled in many directions. Prior to vacation I was working 3- 3 1/2 days a week at a chiropractic office in [...]