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2.19 Is Special To Me

2.19 Is the day that Andrea and I met. It is a bittersweet day—I miss her and us, but love the day that we met. When the 19th rolls around I usually become very introspective for the day. I lay around naked, listen to music, read, write, wait to talk to her and reminisce over [...]

Trying To Understand Pain & Sexual Arousal, As Well As Unwanted Emotions From Certain Types Of Play

I was asked this question recently by Wendy, “what activities were Andrea and you into?” 

I had mentioned in previous posts that we had a very sensual dynamic to our play. We did not engage in things like CBT, humiliation, hitting, kicking or anything else that might be considered violent or torturous acts. Our activities were foot [...]

Leather Pride Night

So, I went to LPN @ Splash this weekend, and I had so much, I mean SO MUCH fun. I volunteered to work the door with Michael, a really sweet guy that I met that night. I really enjoyed greeting all the sexy people coming in, and getting to be one of the first to [...]

Andrea and I: The Not So Final Chapter

The first 4 parts of the series are here:
Part I, Part IIa, Part IIb, Part III.

This post has been a long time coming. These are the answers to a few emailed questions about my D/s relationship with Mistress Andrea, and why it ended if we still love each other so much.

I had mentioned in previous posts [...]

The Steam Room - An Erotic Tale

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So, I am walking in to spin class and mumbling under my breathe, “why do I put myself through this agony?”Because you want to keep that ass of yours in shape”, I hear from a voice behind me. 

I turn to see a guy about 5′11, 200lbs all muscle, not that overly muscular guy, [...]