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My Weekend Recap

That is a picture of my dog, Bailey that passed on in August -I missed him a lot this weekend.

Friday night I cooked a lovely dinner for Amanda and Desire. We ate, drank and learned so much about each other. One of the cutets things I have ever seen - is Desire’s room. Their apartment [...]

Sex Toy Review of The Rude Boy For Babeland

Websters dictionary defines rude as, lacking refinement or delicacy; uncivilized, savage, vulga, robust, sturdy, occurring abruptly and disconcertingly. The Rude Boy is all of those, but only in the best way possible. He is my new best friend - I’m not joking!!!
I have been engaging in anal play for probably the larger part of my [...]

Ambiguously Bi Guy Update: The Verdict’s In!

We met for coffee and started chatting. The conversation was moving in many different directions, so I asked him if he was seeing anyone, and he replied, “I am bisexual, but I just ended a 5year relationship with a guy that I have known for almost 10 years; we are still close friends, and there [...]

Friday Morning Wood

So, Mark(Raven) and I started joking around because I posted this /\/\/\ to mean that I was jumping up and down about one of his photos. He said it looked more like pitching a tent, and so we decided to start a new tradition - Friday Morning Wood. So, we will, and hoepfully you will also, take pictures [...]

hApPy hAlF-nEkKiD tHuRSdAy

I am always undecided which pics to post, so I post them all.

I am continuing the b&w theme, and I also tried to be a little creative with the exposure/colors on the photo of me pinching my nipple - and really hard! I just love my nipples pinched, bitten, clamped - whatever!

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