The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
                        - Marcel Proust

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Random Emotions on a Sunday Afternoon

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who left comments for me to cheer up, they were heartfelt and greatly appreciated. 

I guess I am somewhere between happy and complacent if that makes sense. I don't know what is up with my emotions, one second I am feeling on top of the world and the next I feel sad, but the reasons are hard to pinpoint. Well, not really. I know my hungarian friend is the a definite HUGE part of it, I have never been affected by a girl in this way before. The fact that I am a hopeless romantic does not help the matter either. I have all these images and dreams of us. Sappy, right? Well that's me- I crave the romantic story and the happy ending.

I also am suffering with zero sex drive right now; I'm talking gas tank empty, big bright orange "E"! Huh! No problems on vacation, but now I am just - bleh. It is most likely from exhaustion(I partied like a rock star) and feeling slightly under the weather, my tummy still hurts - lol! As tired as I am, I still went out last night and danced till like 5am, and it did not help the tiredness, but the combination of blasting house music and a sea of bodies dancing puts a huge smile on my face. The music was good in Punta Cana, but it's not NYC.

Well, that is what is going through my mind at this moment, and I promise something sexual and sexy is coming soon.

Luv ya guys,


Desiree said...

I know what'll cheer you up.

I've got a carton of lemon sorbetto in my freezer with your name on it!

Ms. Lily said...

You will be someone's happy ending someday...her knight in shining armor. And, she will appreciate your romantic outlook. If she is the one, she will find a way to be with you.

badbadgirl said...

I've got just the thing to make you feel better...

Mina said...

Take care of you and don't sweat it. We ALL encounter the "E". I know I have! In fact right now, my life has been so twisted and turned.. I'm not sure where to land. Pretty much running on E myself.

mia said...

A wise man said to me not long ago that the solution to low libido was a new sex toy ;)

Chin up babe x

Vixen said...

Quite the fan base you have here. Maybe that will help get your engine running again...all us chicks beating down your door at once. ;)

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