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Saturday Night Fever: P2

So, I get to Amanda’s apartment and I am greeted not by her, but her very gorgeous roommate, Desire. She has blonde hair, green eyes, beautiful bronze skin, and stands about 5′9 in her heels. She was wearing tight jeans a sexy black shirt that said, “transexual” on it. I loved it. It was very fitting because she easily can be mistaken for a bio female.

Anyway, we start chatting and her South American accent is just so sexy and completes the whole package. I was not sure if she was coming out with us, so I asked, and she replied “si.” So, I decided to see if she would understand me in italian - she did and speaks better than me - go!

While we were talking I was rudely twittering from my mobile, and she asked me what I was typing. So, I showed her and Amanda who just entered the room what I was doing. They fell in love with twitter, and we started conversing back and forth with Intldiplomat and Viviane212, and having a lot of fun.

Amanda looked even hotter than the night we met, and I guess they coordinated their outfits, because she was wearing almost the exact same thing as Desire, except that her shirt was hot pink with” T-girl” written in rhinestones.

We had a few shots of patron and headed out to the club. After reaching our destination, we exited the cab, and the ropes were opened for us with no waiting - awesome! We headed straight for the bar and ordered drinks: a kettle one on the rocks for me, and two cosmos for the ladies. Then we started tearing up the dance floor and working up a sweat. 

Amanda was being so playful and sexy with the way she was dancing. She would get in front of me and push her body and ass against me, while I held her hips. Then she would turn, look me in the eyes and blow me a kiss. 

After about a half hour of dancing, Amanda said to me, “dance with Desire and don’t hold back I’m not the jealous type, I share.” Desire and I start dancing, and after a few minutes she puts her arms over my shoulders while my hands are on her waist; she was looking me in the eyes and smiling. Amanda leans in behind me and says, “kiss her, it’s ok.” So,  I leaned in and she leaned in, and we clumsily banged our heads …lol…smooth right! After a few giggles, I grabbed her and pulled her towards me, kissed her, no tongue, just playful kisses with licking and lip nibbling etc. I felt Amanda come up behind me and start bitting on my ear, I could also feel her cock semi-hard pressing against my ass which was really turning me on. Amanda says, “let’s get some drinks.”

Were at the corner of the bar and I order the drinks - this time a shot of patron each.  They wanted to make this fun, so we took small sips and kissed each other with the patron, orally feeding it to each other - fucking hot!

Desire excused herself to go to the ladies room, while Amanda and I waited outside.  She asked me if I thought Desire was sexy, and I replied, “yeah.” The next question, “sexier than me?” 


“Good, that is what I wanted to hear.” “You know Desire and I fuck each other all the time. Well I fuck her, she hates having a cock and wants the surgery, not me, I love mine, and so do you, right?”

I smiled and replied with a giddy, “yes”.


Desire returns. We head back to the dance floor and to our same dance routine. We were honestly having so much fun together. The club closes and desire says, “I don’t want to stop dancing.” So we head to the Shelter Party that starts@ 3:30am with the legendary Timmy Regisford spinning. 

We get in a little after 4 and dance our asses off till 7:30 in the morning. I did not want to leave. It was packed and it did not look like it was slowing down (these parties are known to move well into Sunday), but the girls had to work this afternoon, so I took them home.

Amanda invited me up, and I agreed. Once we were in the apartment I said goodnight to Desire, and she told me that she had a fabulous time and can not wait to do it again. I reply, “me too.” She kisses me on both cheeks, says ciao, and heads to her room.

Amanda and I are now on the couch talking, and she asks me if I had fun. I answer, “yes.” She smiles and leans in to kiss me. We start making out, playfully kissing each other, sucking on each others earlobes, necks, and tongues. She takes my shirt off and starts nibbling on my nipples. I reached down to touch her cock and she smacked my hand, then my face playfully and said, “I am in control, I read your blog - I know what you like.” 

“Call me Miss Amanda and ask before touching, understand?”


“OK, then strip completely naked and get on your knees.”

There I was kneeling butt-naked in a strange apartment while she was fully clothed standing tall right in front of me. She unzipped her jeans and slid them and her panties to the floor and said, “beg for my cock.”

“Please, Miss Amanda allow me to suck your cock.”

“Good, now you may take it.”

I reached under her balls and started massaging them and licking and kissing her cock. She grabbed my head and started slapping her cock on my face, and said, “you like that, right?” Before I could answer, she said, “don’t speak, I know you do, just suck it.” 

I started sucking her cock, massaging and grabbing her hips while she pushed deeper into my throat. She stepped out of her jeans and panties and then I felt her foot under my balls just rubbing back and forth….it was heaven.  She took it out of my mouth, sat down on the couch, and removed her shirt and bra. This was the first time I have seen her completely naked, she was perfect. Smooth, sexy chocolate skin, curves in all the right places, beautiful perky tits and cock (which I was familiar with already from our first encounter).

“Crawl over here and start sucking again.” I did! After a few minutes of giving her a sensual, deep blowjob and licking her balls, she picked my head up to kiss me and then pushed it down to suck on her nipples.  

“Enough. On your stomach and spread em wide.”

I did as I was told. I felt her body lay on top of mine, and her hard cock press against my bare ass, her breathe on the back of my neck, and her lips on my ears, neck and shoulders.

“I am going to lick and then fuck that ass of yours, just like I wanted to do the first time we met.”

I felt her hands part my cheeks, and her tongue begin flickering my ass. “That feels so good”, I moaned.

“Did I tell you to speak?” 

“No, Miss Amanda, I’m sorry.”

“Do you know how to put a condom on with your mouth?”


“Well, that will be our next lesson, not today.”

She grabbed a condom and put it on, then inserted a generously lubed finger in my ass. It felt really good and she knew exactly where to touch me. 

“You like that, right?” 


“Beg me to fuck you;  tell me how horny you are and how sexy I am.”

“Miss Amanda you are so fucking sexy, please fuck me, I am so horny I can’t take it anymore.”

I felt her cock pressing against my eager hole. Slowly and patiently she took her time, teasing me until finally it was all in. She is large! I felt her hands grip my hips and she began thrusting, slow at first, then faster and harder - she knows how to move and was really good. 

“Tell me when you are going to come, I want to come at the same time as you.”

I felt her breasts press against my back  while she reached around and started stroking my cock. Within a minute or two, I was screaming, “I’m going to come”. She kept thrusting and stroking me. I felt my ass get tight and then I exploded all over her hands. She stuck her fingers covered with my hot come in my mouth and said eat it, while she was still fucking me very slowly and gyrating her hips. She then pulled out, removed the condom and I felt her hot load shoot all over my back. She collapsed on top of me while still rubbing my nipples and kissing my neck.

We got up to take a shower, only to find desire sitting in the corner naked. She was watching us and masturbating anally, while jerking off - so hot!

After the shower she walked me downstairs, I kissed her goodbye and she hugged me. 

She said this to me, ” thank you for bringing me flowers, I had a great time, and can’t wait till next time we are together - I will let you fuck me because you were a good boy(then she giggled). I just want to let you know that I appreciate you as a genuine person, and I want nothing more from you. My life is crazy, as is yours. I would love to be friends with you forever, and fuck whenever we feel, but I don’t want to pressure you or anything else to ruin this, do you understand what I mean?”

I replied,  ”yes, and I feel the same way.”

“Good, call me when you get home, so I know you are ok.” 

That one sentence won my heart over in friendship. I called her when I got in, and she said that she would like to be with me and Desire at the same time in the future. I said, “No problem.” She laughed and said,” I could have bet my life on it that you would say those exact words.”

We are having dinner this week, and I am cooking for her and Desire, but I think the threesome is in the future, just not now.  

Side note: They are both awesome girls, with good jobs, nice apartment, don’t drink too much or do drugs. They tend to keep to themselves and are very happy.

Hope you enjoyed it, I know Amanda will enjoy reading it.



11 comments to Saturday Night Fever: P2

  • curiousgirl

    sounds like you’ve made two new friends, marcello…sexy post!

    have a fun dinner…random thought hit my head…what will you make?


  • badbadgirl

    mmmm, wow. This is so hot.

  • Mina

    Another fantastic night! Oh and the fabulous Midori taught me how to put a condom on using my mouth *wink*

  • Vixen

    I find you so erotically interesting!!!

  • MarcelloNYC


    I am making homemade gnocchi in a simple fresh tomato sauce.

    Chicken breast stuffed with a little goat cheese and spinach with grilled asparagus on the side.

    Santa Magherita Pinot Grigio

    Fresh fruit w/ homemade light whipped cream for Desert

    Babbadgirl - Thanks

    Mina: I have not had the opp. to met her, but I have spoken to her on the net, She rocks. I want to take the Rope Bondage Dojo

    Vixen - Thank you

  • Raven in NYC (aka Mark)

    That was pretty fantastic. I need to start going out with you on Saturdays! HA!

    And yes, learning to put on condom on with your mouth is a very worthwhile trick to learn.

  • curiousgirl

    okay…that’s it…you are entirely too perfect for words…;)


  • Marcelle Manhattan

    Holy dripping panties, Marcello … this little two-parter has been one hot read! I do hope you’ll let us peek into the boudoir for the threesome epilogue…

    And what’s this about condoms? Mouths? We may need to hang out sometime.

  • MarcelloNYC

    Thanks Marcelle, and we do need to hang out sometime.

    I will be at the pleasure salon on the 29th, looking forward to meeting some of the people I have been blogging with, as well as some new people.


  • Barney

    I ran across your blog in error..

    However.. Im an extremely straight female.. (Ive played a little.. enjoyed, but never went farther)

    all I have to say..
    dont read this at work!!!!

    Im so turned on right now..

  • Rambeau

    That is so hot. You realize what a lucky guy you are, don’t you? I’m looking forward to reading about the ultimate threesome.

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