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hApPy hAlF-nEkKiD tHuRSdAy

So, Miss Lilly’s Knight brought me a street sign when they came to visit me and goto P.S. last month.  Ms Lilly asked me to take a HNT photo with it, but for some reason my digital camera keeps blacking me out of the pic and illuminating the sign. WHY???

Anyway, I posted a pic of the sign and when I can figure out what the problem is, I will take a HNT with it.

So my alternate theme is reading nekkid

I read a lot, and sometimes a book comes along that really grabs you—Cristy C. Roads - Bad Habits is one such book. I read it cover to cover in one shot and was so upset when the book was finished.  The illustrations, by her, are amazing and tell the story alone. But the book, which reads like her own memoir, takes you into the life of a girl, heart broken and identifying with a punk-culture starkly different from her catholic upbringing. Drugs, sex and relationships doomed from the start make up the heart of this book. She is searching for love and looks in the wrong places. She was raised catholic, but is bisexual. 

I related to this book on so many levels. Catholic, bisexual and always felt different and proud of it. I too had my heart broken and tried to diffuse the pain with meaningless sex and drugs—self destructing. In my early twenties I was part of that NYC Club Kid culture—body peircings, platinum dyed hair, platform boots and drugs, lots of drugs. Never ending parties and the occasional disco nap to recharge the battery. All these things have made me who I am today, and I never regret them. I enjoyed those times—lived, learned and grew from them. At the end I realized I am happy with who I am, and love myself. I look back on those days with a reminiscent smile, tears for the friends that didn’t make it out alive, and forgiveness for the girls that broke my heart!  


i fReaKin lUv U gUyS,

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