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                        - Marcel Proust

Monday, April 28, 2008

My Weekend Recap

That is a picture of my dog, Bailey that passed on in August -I missed him a lot this weekend.

Friday night I cooked a lovely dinner for Amanda and Desire. We ate, drank and learned so much about each other. One of the cutets things I have ever seen - is Desire's room. Their apartment is decorated very nice, and Amanda's room follows the Ikea theme from the main rooms, but Desire's room is like stepping into a 15 year old girls bedroom. Posters of Eros Ramozzoti, Shakiri, and I'm not kidding - Menudo, there is stuffed animals everywhere. It's adorable!  The night ended late with Amanda and I making out like horny teenagers on the couch for like 45 minutes. She asked me if I would be upset if we didn't have sex. I said,  "of course not, but why?" Her reply, "I like our friendship a lot, and boy do I love the sex, but I don't want that to overshadow getting to know each other better."  Very sweet and true!

Saturday started off with lunch at my parents. They agreed to help me out with a small business loan. For reasons I can not recall, the question was presented to me by my dad - Are you Gay? Nervousness took over and I started giggling uncontrollably and blushing. My dad kept saying, "see he is, I knew's ok your my son." I freaked out! I reached deep and was about to tell him, "I'm bisexual", but my mom changed the subject and told my dad to stop. I lost a golden opportunity and it bothered me all day. Maybe the time wasn't right; I don't know.  

My Saturday night plans were cancelled, and instead of making new ones, I stayed in, played with the Rude Boy, wrote my review for Babeland, read some dirty books and shopped for some new music.  I made a new friend online - a fellow foodie, sexblogger and all around cool person - Babecakes. I also emailed and spoke with Wendy Blackheart - awesome girl and can not wait to meet her tonight at the Pleasure Salon.  

Sunday, I ate dinner with parents then went on a date with ambi-bi-guy, Rob. We met for a few drinks and talked a lot about our past. He read my whole blog and asked me about a few of things I wrote about. I answered all his questions and concerns. We parted with a nice kiss - he has sexy lips -OMG! we are hoping to get together before I leave Monday for Vacation.

So, I had an all around fun weekend, and I hope yours was also.



Ms. Lily said...

Hi babe, when the time is right to tell them, it will present, look at my situation w/ my sister. And she has been great about it. Glad you had an enjoyable weekend. Have fun on your second date, I expect to read all about it...

Ms. Lily said...

Sorry, I didn't say that, your puppy was adorable, and I'm sorry you lost him. :(
Ms. Lily

Vixen said...

I'm sorry you were missing your pup so much.... We've discussed this before, but my fur-babies mean the *world* to me. So I can imagine. *hugs*

Your wkend doesn't sound too bad. I'm glad you and ambi-bi-guy had a nice date. I meant to say something in the post you did regarding him. I'm so happy you two talked and are trying out the dating thing. :)

The thing about your parents. I've had similar missed opportunities with my mom. And for whatever stupid reason no matter how prepared I may feel I am to tell her, when she brings it up flippantly I find myself denying it all over the place, acting like her bringing it up is craziness.



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