The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
                        - Marcel Proust

Monday, March 31, 2008


This past weekend I was in Atlantic City for a bachelor party. We had a lot of fun; nice dinner, fun club and importantly a chance to catch up with some friends I have not seen in a long time, and meet some new people - there was about 40 of us.

The dinner was at Carmine's Italian Restaurant in the Tropicana - nice family style food. I have eaten at the Carmines in Manhattan - which is better.

Anyway, even though I had a lot of fun, something that I have been feeling a lot lately has been reaffirmed. I feel that I have completely changed  from some of the guys I grew up with. I have been blessed with a lot of friends in life, and many different groups of friends, but it seems that this particular group of guys I share nothing in common with anymore. Not all of them, but a few have changed also just like myself, and we tended to congregate together. 

My other groups of friends have also changed from me, some are married with children, others moved away etc. My friends from school in atlanta have become my closest friends, but it is a shame that we are all scattered across the country. Out of all my friends in NYC I probably hang out with about a handful, but they are always busy in their own way. My friend Jonathan is whom I probably spend the most time with along with his partner Rob. We have a lot in common, and he was there for me when I had questions about my sexuality etc.

So, I guess what I am saying is that I think it is time to spread my wings again and branch out to make some new friends. I love all the wonderful cool people I have met online with this blog, and hope to meet you all in person some day - I consider you ll my friends.



Vixen said...

I think that is a huge part of self growth. I have friends that while at one time I had everything in common with....I have grown to be someone different, as have they.

It happens. And as much as I cringe at chance, a lot of time it can be for be for the good. Esp when it comes to meeting new people and branching out.

AND my best friends are ones I met through my blog. They seem to accept and know me best.

I'm glad you had a fun time out this wkend, :)


Mina said...

I have changed so much since those days... I have nothing in common with all of my childhood friends. They are all married and have started families. I guess the one thing I do need to do is meet more people "in person" that share some of the same things as I do.

curiousgirl said...

there is a certain bittersweet feeling to the passage of old know that it is time to move on, yet you also remember the past with a smile..

so far i have been down this road twice...between high school/college and then again later in my late 20s...the first time was the hardest...the last time not so much, but it was a much longer transition...

as we explore our world and we are changed by it, our needs change...glad to see you listen to yourself and welcome the oncoming change as a part of life...


Isabella Snow said...

I get that feeling every couple of years and I get new friends. I think it's pretty common!

Lolita said...

I have moved away from many of my old friends. Many of them were judgmental about the things I like to do. I hope you find new friends. Maybe we'll bump into each other somewhere!

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