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Friday, March 14, 2008

A Writing Assignment: PII.a - The Dynamics Of Our D/s Relationship

Ciao Everyone

You can read P1: Our First Encounter here:

I thought that I would have 3 posts, but it looks like there will be 4 total, I, II.a, II.b, III.

Our relationship moved very fast; very very very fast! We moved in together pretty quickly and we did everything together. We were in an open relationship that allowed both of us to invite others into our sex-lives with approval. Initially I could not care less about this aspect because all I wanted was her, but I learned a lot about love, sex and trust by engaging in a "swinger" lifestyle with her at such a young age; we were young, I was younger. 

The first time I told her I loved her was about 3 weeks into our relationship, but I knew the first night we were together. We were walking through Thompkins Square Park in NYC, she was talking to some squatters and offered to buy them lunch. When she was done, she walked over to me and I said, "I love you with every fiber of my being, I would do anything for you." She replied with a sassy smirk and a twinkle in her beautiful eyes, "I know", followed by a little girlish giggle. That was a big part of the play in our lives - she really loved how much I loved her, and loved to make me want her verbal attention. 

That night she asked me to start staying at her apartment more often. She also bought me a chain with dog tags on it that said, "Marcello - Loving Slave of Mistress Andrea", with the date of that day on the back. She told me she loved me about two weeks later via a post it note in my!  After the written expression of her love, she began telling me she loved me whenever we had to be apart, or whenever we went back to that park, and always after making love.

(Some info that you should know before continuing) - When we began living together I learned a lot about her. She was abused as a child by her step dad, and ran away from home at an early age. After her life was settled, a few years later, she contacted her mom and remained somewhat close with her until she died about 5 months after were together. She had no other family except a step sister from her real dad's first marriage -  he died when she was 2. They became very close while we were together, because I would encourage her to call.

What does all this have to do with anything? One night she was laying on the bed naked, and I climbed in the bed next her- she was shaking.  I asked her what was wrong, but she didn't want to answer. I touched her back and she jerked nervously; I was nervous, I did not know what was wrong. So, I slid down and gently placed my head on the small of her back and waited for her to relax. Next, I placed my hand on her ass and sensually rubbed and trickled my fingers over her skin; she relaxed and fell asleep. This became a daily ritual for us. I loved that I gave her comfort.

Our relationship was exactly that - a very sensual nature; I loved her, worshipped her, and lived for one reason and one reason only - to make her happy. We enjoyed so many different activities: strap-ons, foot and body worship, orgasm denial, tongue fetish, rimming and any other non-sadistic aspect of BDSM. I would draw her a bath and kneel beside our french tub in a collar waiting for her to allow me in, which usually was not long. Then I would bath her, dry her and dress her for bed.

She did discipline me at times. I was a recording engineer, dj and record producer full time, and sometimes I could not be home to pamper her and put her to sleep. Usually it was not a problem, but if she had a bad night because of flashbacks of her childhood, bad night sleep, or because she missed me too much while I was gone, then I would be disciplined by spanking, flogging and one time canning when I arrived home. I enjoyed it - it made me feel good that she wanted me that much and if I wasn't there, her love for me caused her to want to discipline me - to me that is true love *smile*!

Our first Valentine's Day I turned our apartment into a day spa. I bought hundreds of tea light candles, bath salts, new robe, slippers etc, and treated her to a a full day of true goddess treatment while I was fully naked, except for ankle-wrist restraints and a collar. I also bought her pink Victoria Secret panties(boy shorts), she did not like them and made me wear them to dinner with my parents - it was fun.

After about 4mos of being together we started spending more time with people involved in BDSM, and this led to the openness in our relationship. She would often invite a friend whom was a Domme over, and they both would dominate me. One time I was auctioned off for a fund-raising dinner thrown by our group of friends, their clients, like-minded friends and whomever else attended. Because anyone could buy you I was not comfortable with this - at this time in my life I did not think I had any same-sex attraction, and I was not keen on being bought by a male, but I did it for her because it was for runaway kids.

I wound up being sold for a night to a 50-something year old widow, who was very rich. We went back to her ginourmous loft apartment, and all she wanted to do is spank me over her knee - it was fun, but what happened after was unforgettable. We talked all night till the sun came up. She was a magnificent women - intellectual, curvaceous and beautifully aged. I actually wanted to have sex with her, but she never hinted to it. We spoke about life, love, sex and all the magnificent places she has been in her life, and how much she missed her husband whom was her submissive partner of 25 years before passing on to cancer. I told Mistress Andrea about the night we shared, and we contacted her regularly for dinner dates, book club and one time for a play date - but she respectfully declined.  I still talk to her every few months, as does Andrea. She met a wonderful new man that she spends all her time with, and I am actually going to dinner with them this weekend. 

OK - PII.b - "The Openness and Psycho-Sexual Aspect of Our Relationship" will be up tomorrow. 



Mina said...

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs to read. You write beautifully and paint such lovely pictures in my mind. *sigh* I wish I could write.. major block going on right now. :(

Vixen said...

I have to agree with Mina. I really love your blog and your writings.


Miz Ava said...


What a touching and amazing tribute to a relationship that clearly impacted you in so many important ways. It's also so nice that you and Mistress Andrea have remained in touch.

You don't have to answer this, but has reminiscing and writing about this relationship been at all difficult (emotionally)for you? Or maybe even cathartic? Do you see things differently in some ways after writing them down?

You do have a great way of expressing yourself.


MarcelloNYC said...

Thank you everyone.

Miz Ava,

Reminiscing about our time together was not painful, it was refreshing to write about it and remember the details with such clarity. It made me realize once again how blessed I have been in my life to have such beautiful memories. It made me a little sad because I miss her, but in a close-friendship way.

I don't see things any differently because I think that I was lucky enough to know back then how much I appreciated her, and I don't think I could see the details any differently.


curiousgirl said...

i was briefly involved with a man who was used to being submissive in a relationship and wanted for our relationship to take that was my first experience with and i was very surprised at how much i grew from those few months we were was very natural...sometimes i miss it...thank you for sharing all your experiences with us!...


ShatteredSoul said...

What an amazing account. If you new from day one you loved her, why did you wait until week 3 to tell her?

Funny I was in the middle of reading about her shaking in bed and it reminded me of some things about myself. I actually shake and jump as I fall asleep (its from my body relaxing and my anxiety going away). I also get very clingy while I sleep and have been told I am most aggressive about myself.

Not sure why I told you that, but ya... your posting reminded me of it.

MarcelloNYC said...

RE: ShatteredSoul

I was concerned that I might of scared her, and although I knew it, it did not feel like the right time. When I said it to her 3 weeks later, it flowed and felt natural.

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