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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Saturday Night Fever

So, last night I was invited to be part of Miz Ava & Miss Cecilia'a internet talk show, Provocatalk. I had a great time, and I was able to talk about my sexuality, BDSM, Kinkiness etc., and I also helped answer some reader questions. It truly was a memorable experience and I am very thankful to them for having me on their great show.  Listen or download here.

Afterwards I headed to a popular NYC Dance Club to have some drinks with friends, and dance my ass off till my feet literally hurt. Well, the evening turned out great. I met a very attractive girl, who happened to be a transexual. She was about 5'11 in her heels, beautiful dark skin, small, but perky breasts, fantastic body, and an ass to die for.

We danced, started making out, then found a remote little corner of the club. She pushed me down on a plush ottoman and lifted up her dress to reveal her sexy flowered panties. She told me to take them to her knees and grab her cock. I did as I was told. I heard in a sexy voice, "you like me, right? You wanna fuck me, right?" I answered like a shy little boy with a blushing, "yes."

I was told to stand, she sat down and instructed me to turn around so that she could see my ass. She grabbed both cheeks, squeezed, and said, "you have such a great ass, and I wanna lick it -  God, you are so hot!" She was very dominant and she could tell I was enjoying it. 

Next, I was commanded to turn and face her. She grabbed my cock over my jeans, started rubbing it, and I got hard instantly. She spread her legs and said, "look at my cock, look how hard I am, I want you now!" Phew!  On a scale of 1-10, my horniness was a solid 100!!!! Sadly, she did not have a condom, nor I, and better judgment ensued. 

We sat facing each other, and she unbuttoned my jeans, pulled out my cock, and started stroking it. I did the same to her - reaching down under her skirt and grasping her cock tightly in my hand, stoking it and teasing her balls. We were sucking face and mutually masturbating each other into a frenzied state. 

At this point, some people started starring, but we didn't care. "Let them watch", she said. 

She pulled my shirt up over my head and started sucking and bitting on my nipples -"OMG you found my G-spot", I said. She giggled, picked up her head and smiled at me. She wiggled her shoulders so her dress straps could fall down her arms. I reached over and slid her dress down to her waist, and I began kissing and sucking on her tits, while she was running her fingers through my hair and talking dirty to me. She was whispering to me how much she wanted to fuck me, and me, her; she said, "I wanna suck your cock now!" 

I sat back on the couch while she leaned forward over the ottoman and took me in her mouth. She wasted no time and went straight to deep throating, and reaching under my balls to rub my ass with her finger. I happened to look up and see a couple in front of us, two hot guys, just playing with each other and starring our way. The other people, about 5-6 were just standing and watching.

I felt her finger enter my ass. I swallowed and took a deep breathe - I was breathing so heavy, and I was trying my best to control myself, but I told her I couldn't hold back. She sucked harder and deeper till I felt myself explode in her mouth. She took my cock out of her mouth, and finished me off by stroking every last drop onto her face. She climbed up my body, grabbed the back of my head and kissed me with my hot cum in her mouth. We swapped it back and forth, and just kept kissing until I swallowed it all. 

I reached down between her legs and started stroking her again. She kneeled on the couch around my waist, so that her cock was up on my chest. I leaned forward to suck it, and she pushed my head down and thrusted up into my mouth - she tasted so good. 

She was so turned on, that she couldn't help but pull out and jerk off onto my chest. Two of our admirers handed us some napkins, while the two guys who were playing with each other, gave a us a celebratory, "woo hoo!" She cleaned me, pulled her panties and dress up, then put my shirt back on me, and buttoned my jeans. She gave me another deep wet kiss and said, "give me your number so we can have some real fun." We exchanged numbers and spoke today. We are hanging out friday - I can not wait!


Mina said...

thank you so much for mentioning us on the show. your night sounded so fantastic! Im sure the two of you will be having some wonderful adventures together!

Blissfully Wed said...

That made me hard as hell. Have fun and share what is sure to follow. ;)

Raven in NYC (aka Mark) said...

And here I thought I had a good night, but you win!

Listening to the interview right now.

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